I love Sundays. Back when I was in high school, I HATED them. Sunday nights, specifically. Sunday afternoons were typically spent posted up at the Barnes and Noble store at Mall of America with my parents, catching up on the latest issues of Cosmo UK/SELF/Women’s Health. Sunday nights, though? Puke. Sunday nights were reserved for a weekend’s worth of homework, reading, studying, and paper-writing, crammed into a 5-6 hour window. Those were{n’t} the days! But yeah–today? Sundays are my jam. The weekend has to end, but a subtle shift in my mindset has made me appreciate and enjoy Sundays for what they are–the final day of the weekend and the beginning of a new week–instead of just feeling annoyed, overwhelmed, and moody. Of course, not having to do homework helps, too. 😉

As I’ve grown up, I’ve unintentionally created a super-soothing routine that involves waking up slowly, running the requisite weekly #TIU5k, going grocery shopping, and spending time indoors catering to random whims. Snuggling. Reading. Doing research. Making a collage. Listening to podcasts. It’s super weird, but I actually find myself looking FORWARD to the grocery shopping part of the equation each week. It’s oddly comforting and ritualistic. Sunday market trips never feel like an obligation {even though realistically they ARE,} but instead like a treat. I mean, I woke up this morning and excitedly thought “I GET to go grocery shopping today!” so there’s that. It’s a choice.

I like the fact that Sundays both finish and start our weeks. They’re good for closure, and they also allow us to start fresh. Focused. Clean. That’s pretty cool. My formula for a perfect Sunday: complete an essential task + indulge in some quiet, reflective, “me” time + set goals/intentions for the week ahead + connect with people I love. Perfect ending, perfect beginning. Oh, and the requisite Sunday wardrobe of sweat pants, minimal makeup, and a messy bun just help make EVERYTHING better. Sunday vibes are some of my favorite things.

How would you spend a perfect Sunday?



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