When it comes to tracking progress, we often focus on physical, image-driven gains: the number on the scale decreasing, your arms looking more toned, or your body measurements going down. If you’re not {immediately} noticing changes, sticking with a workout routine can be daunting. We want results NOW. We want them yesterday, actually. So…what if we’re not seeing it? Try changing your perspective. Are you FEELING it?! Here are five less-obvious signs that your workouts are working for you.

1. Your energy increases.

When you first start a new workout routine, you can leave the gym feeling pretty drained an awful. There’s a definite adjustment period that occurs over time, taking you from feeling like death post-workout to feeling strong, confident, and ready to take on the day. This applies both inside and outside of the gym!

2. You look forward to hitting the gym.

When you’re still in the early stages of a fitness program, convincing yourself to go work out can be a major undertaking. Stick with it, though, you’ll probably find that it’s harder to talk yourself OUT of going to the gym than it is to talk yourself into it! Between the serious sense of accomplishment, mood, hormone, and sleep regulatory benefits, and the physical progress you’ll experience, getting in a good sweat sesh will quickly become a non-negotiable. At first you dread it, then you crave it.

3. You’re sleeping better.

Noticed that you’re having an easier time falling asleep? Feeling generally more rested and restored? You may be able to thank your fitness routine for that! A regular workout program can help to regulate your sleep cycle and improve sleep quality. Score!

4. You actually WANT to make better food choices.

Weird but true: the harder you work out, the better you’ll want to eat. It just happens. There’s a natural inclination to fuel your body with healthy, whole, clean foods…instead of loading up on pizza or donuts and destroying your progress. There’s a definite mental shift that comes with getting fit–one that will likely have you seeking great nutrition to match your hard, physical work.

5. Your routine feels easier.

It’s the coolest feeling ever when a workout that you’ve been doing suddenly feels EASY. It’s like, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, you can suddenly run faster, stay on the stairmill for five minutes longer, or lift heavier weights. That’s progress, baby! Adjust accordingly.

It’s working. It’s happening. Keep going!



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    • Thanks girl!! I think it’s easy to get caught in the trap of JUST looking at the scale, and that can be really damaging! If you’re working out, you’re making progress–that should be celebrated! 🙂

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