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I think that two of my earliest obsessions in life were–no lie–cake and bubble gum. As a little kid, I was CONSTANTLY asking my mom for pieces of gum, but was sadly confined to a one-piece-a-day limit. Gum balls, Bazooka, Bubble Tape, Bubble Yum, Juicy Fruit, Chicklets, bubble gum ice cream, all totally my jam. I actually remember the first time I purchased my own pack of Fruit Stripe…it was gone in a matter of hours. When it came to cake, I was all about that all-vanilla life. White cake, white icing, white sprinkles. Pink {my favorite color} was acceptable, but only if it was “pink vanilla”. Multi-colored sprinkles were chill, too, as long as they were baked inside of a Funfetti cake. Good times, good times.

Cake + gum, though? That’s the dream.

{&& the dream is a reality.}

According to my Instagram feed, cake-flavored gum is now a thing that actually exists. I’d seen photos of a few varieties: a of a specialty brand with a birthday cake flavor {which I seriously considered purchasing a case of online since I couldn’t find it in stores}, and a pastel, confetti-flavored variety by Extra. Now, if you’re a gum connoisseur, you may know that Extra is famous for their line of “Dessert Delights” sugar-free gum, AKA the dieting divas’ holy grail. For a mere 5 calories, you can have the taste of some of your favorite desserts–think things like mint chocolate chip ice cream, lemon squares, orange creamsicle, apple pie, strawberry shortcake, and pumpkin-spice-whatever. Curiosity tends to get the best of me in checkout lines, so I’ve tried almost all of these offerings. Seriously. I usually end up chewing a piece or two of the gum–which always tastes…mostly like the flavor it advertises–and quickly getting sick of it/grossed out by it. Then, I abandon it in the pocket of a jacket, the bottom of a purse, or in my glove compartment, only to be heard from again in the most desperate of times. This is because, well, dessert-flavored gum is kind of weird! Now that I’m not a child, I don’t view gum as a treat. It’s more of a tool. I typically only utilize MINTY varieties after a meal, or as a way to refresh my breath mid-day. Dessert gum? Not at all refreshing, guys. It’s actually kind of disgusting if you attempt to use it for that purpose. Like, I really do not want to chew it after I finish eating my lunch. Ew. When I FINALLY saw Extra’s new, seasonal Confetti Cake Pop gum at Target, though, I took the plunge and bought a three pack. I was going to like it, damn it.

Spoiler: I actually DO like it.

Though I still fully maintain that dessert gum is no bueno as a post-meal refresher, Extra got it SO right with this flavor. As soon as you unwrap the pack, you smell CAKE. Sweet, sugary, confetti cake. Each piece of gum? An adorable bright yellow with multicolored confetti speckles. So cute. The flavor is pretty right-on, too–while it doesn’t taste 100% like a real-life cake pop, it DOES taste a lot like yellow cake mix/cake batter ice cream. And, unlike many cake-flavored goodies, this gum is actually multi-dimensional. It has a yummy, sugary, frosting-esque note on top of the buttery batter flavor you’d expect. The flavor doesn’t instantly disappear, either. You can keep chewing for at least 15 good minutes before it mellows into nothingness. I still wouldn’t chew it directly after dinner or anything, but I’ve enjoyed having it around.

I go for a stick or two of Confetti Cake Pop mid-morning, after my breakfast, but well before lunch. It’s an excellent post-gym treat. You one of those people who experience a 3pm sugar craving {and you’re into the taste of cake}?! Definitely pick up a pack of this gum and see if your cravings are quelled. It’s super cheap, it’s widely available, and it’s only 5 calories.

And it’s cake and gum. Obviously a total winner in my book.



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