Wednesdays aren’t exactly known for being the most fun day of the week. Or the most productive. Or the one with the best TV. Let’s be real–midweek, motivation is often at an all-time low! Oh, and did I mention that it’s WINTER? Ew. Since it can be super easy to talk yourself out of a workout, I thought I’d do us {that is, you and I} a favor and provide a little motivation to get your sweat on, Wednesday/any day/whenever. Here are 15 reasons to go work out right now. Like, now. 

1. Make your day better. We’re talking better all around. Working out can make you happier, more motivated, more productive, AND more creative. It also reduces stress and anxiety while flooding your brain with feel-good chemicals. Plus, how invincible do you feel after a good workout?! A little time at the gym basically makes you a better human.

2. Boost your immune system. While you should probably skip your workout if you’re feeling ill, regular moderate exercise has been shown to help boost immunity to cold and flu. In fact, exercise elevates the level of your immunoglobulins in your body, thus strengthening your immune system for the next 24 hours.

3. Post-workout endorphin rush. Girl, I KNOW you’ve seen Legally Blonde. This is literally all I’m going to say about this.

4. Do it for the Insta. #fitfam #fitgirls #healthygirls #fitness #training #strongisthenewskinny #gymstyle etc etc etc. Your feed could ALWAYS use another yoga pose, terrain shot, sweaty selfie, or shoefie. Working out totally gives you an excuse to post.

5. Refresh your resolution. Mid-February is the perfect time to recommit to that resolution you set at the beginning of last month. Why? It’s still early enough in the year that you haven’t missed out and can make a ton of progress, it’s getting closer to swimsuit season by the day, and the gym isn’t as crowded as it was last month. All good things.

6. Treats. While you probably don’t need to carb-load before 20 minutes on the elliptical {sorry!}, there is something to be said for treating yourself after a particularly intense workout experience. Red Velvet Oreos are currently my jam, but if you’re more of a milkshake or macaron or waffle girl, that’s cool too. Treat yourself, babe. And hey, treats aside, the more you work out, the more you can eat! Yay, food.

7. Get some sun. When you can swing it, working out outside is at least 5x better than doing the same thing in an indoor setting. I mean, it’s called the dreadmill for a reason, right? Get outside! Fresh air, sun, vitamin D…You know you want ALL of that.

8. Increase your energy. Though it may seem a little counterintuitive, working out increases your energy and vitality both immediately and in the long-term. According to this post from WebMD, exercise doesn’t actually tire us out–it energizes our bodies on a cellular level. For a super-quick boost, slam some jumping jacks! Have a little  more time to work with? Run a tabata interval or try this video for the world’s fastest workout.

9. Clear your mind. Stressed? Work out. Writer’s block? Work out. Anxious? Work out. Bored? Work out. PMS-ing? WORK OUT. Exercise seriously does a number on your mood and mindset, even if you only sweat it out for five minutes. Physical and mental benefits, guys.

10. Get better sleep. Fact: exercise helps you sleep better. Not only is regular exercises extremely beneficial for regulating ZZZs in those with insomnia, it can also seriously improve sleep quality in “normal” sleepers.

11. Boost your metabolism. Fact: When you’re working out, you’re burning calories. Another fact: Some workouts can help you to burn calories even after you’ve finished sweating, via EPOC {aka “the afterburn” effect} Also fact: regular exercise can increase muscle and boost your resting metabolic rate. All of these things are great if you’re looking to shed a few pounds.

12. Get competitive. Okay, so if you’re gearing up for a pilates lesson, yoga class, or barre work, your workout likely won’t include a competitive aspect. Running, biking, swimming, or playing a sport, though? Each and every sweat sesh serves as an opportunity for a little healthy competition. Don’t act like you’ve never raced someone on the treadmill next to yours!

13. Better sex. Yeah, I went there. A few key sex-related perks of regular exercise include increased stamina, endurance, and flexibility. Plus, working out makes you FEEL hot. PS, there are entire workout routines dedicated to improving your sex life. This one from SHAPE is a good place to start.

14. Get a little social. Whether you’re connecting with a friend for a class in real life or simply uploading a pre-workout selfie to BurnThis, working out can serve as a killer way to connect.

15. Hit your goals. Duh!



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