Story time! Before I started TSB, I was all fashion, all of the time. My entire online journalism experience was in fashion and style, from unpaid internships to freelancing to full-time, paid, directorial work. In college, my minor was Fashion Studies, and I was co-EIC of my university’s first fashion magazine. I also happen to be an agency-signed model. So, you see, Clothes. Were. My. Life. While I love styling and trend forecasting and fashion shows and all of the things that come with a style-soaked life, I definitely reached my saturation point. I wanted to explore other interests. I wanted to talk {and write} about other things. Anyway, I think that sometimes, even though I really actually want to write a fashion piece, I tend not to since I got SO burnt out on writing personal style articles. It’s like a kid eating too much candy.

I didn’t want to start a FASHION blog. Of course, just because TSB isn’t a fashion blog doesn’t mean we can’t talk clothes every now and then, right? Today, we’re going there. I’m counting down my top ten closet essentials…But with a thoroughly TSB twist. Here’s what you should fill your wardrobeS with 😉

Part 1: TSB Style Staples – The Essentials


1. A pair of high-quality heels.

Even if you’re a flats girl, you totally need at least ONE pair of sassy, sexy, sensible heels in your closet. You just do! Job interviews, big dates, cocktail parties, random Wednesday confidence boosts…They’re just a good item to have on hand. Opt for black or nude to get the most bang for your buck.

2. Signature jewelry.

I love a good signature bauble. Something that is entirely yours and yours alone, as much identifying as it is defining. Often, these gems are heirloom pieces or engagement rings, but your signature jewelry can be pretty much any piece as long as it’s something you love and wear frequently. A locket, a strand of pearls, a vintage cocktail ring…If you have one already, you’re probably thinking of it as you read this. If you don’t have one? Stay on the lookout–a good piece of jewelry will find you. {Hit up Etsy!}

3. Classic denim jeans.

Because, obviously. The modern girl needs a figure-flattering pair of jeans to wear everywhere. Yay, 2015! My favorite pairs are by J Brand and Mother.

4. The perfect white tee.

White tees are the best. They’re ultra casual, but can be made really chic with the right accessories and accompanying bottoms. They’re also great for shopping trips since they never clash or conflict with any pieces you may be trying on. Splendid and Vince make high-end white tees with varying necklines {that celebrities are obsessed with!} but American Apparel makes the quintessential plain white tee for under $30.

5. A go-to hat.

You read that right–I’m ditching thee LBD, basic black slacks, white collared blouse, and investment handbag in favor of headgear. A HAT. Seriously, get a hat. While I wouldn’t exactly encourage spending $$$ on a knit beanie or a cowboy hat, find a silhouette that speaks to you and rock it. A hat elevates just about any ensemble and hides a myriad of hair sins. Baseball, Panama, floppy, whatever. If you don’t have one yet, dive in!

Part 2: TSB Style Staples – Athleisure Musts!


1. Nike running shorts. 

Classic. Staple. Everyone has them. When I lived in North Carolina, this is pretty much all any of the girls ever wore. Nike Tempo shorts! So while I prefer to see these in a gym/workout environment, you won’t really look like a freak if you wear them in the actual world. They’re comfortable, inexpensive, and come in a ton of prints and colors.

2. Investment yoga pants.

I won’t call out any particular brands as must-owns–since finding a pair of yoga pants that fit and flatter is a particularly personal pursuit–but there is something to be said for spending a little extra on at least one pair of yoga crops/tights/flares. You’ll look hot, feel hot, and will wear your new pants all of the time, street to studio. Go for quality and style and try not to freak out about the price tag!

3. A sports bra that meets your needs.

Again, this item is totally personal. You know what kind of bra you need! Since I personally have a smaller bust, a $12 sports bra{lette} from Forever 21 meets my current fitness/fashion needs! For bustier girls, I’ve heard great things about Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret’s VSX line. Middle-of-the-road? You’re in luck! You can probably find a killer sports bra at just about any Target, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx.

4. An activity tracker/HRM/running watch. 

I’ve never been able to go back to tech-free workouts after using various activity monitors. I just can’t. I crave the info. I seriously feel like I’m not exercising “hard” if I can’t actually quantify and analyze my workout data! Consider that your warning, people. Whether you’re a casual exerciser, marathon runner, or CrossFit addict, there’s a piece of motivational, wearable tech  out there for you. Polar makes a great heart rate monitor. TomTom has a killer GPS watch. Jawbone and Fitbit make activity trackers that fit chicks everywhere swear by. Do your research and find a tracker that works for you!

5. A tank top with a cool back.

Another fashion wildcard! I mean, obviously you need a pair of running/gym shoes, some great socks, and you could probably use a sporty jacket or vest, but a tank top with a cool, strappy back is just going to bring you so much more joy! I’m a fan of this built-in-bra, multi-strap number from Sierra Trading Post, for starters.

What are your wardrobe staples?!



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