Always solid advice. {Source.}
Always solid advice. {Source.}

Real talk: This has been a particularly difficult week for me. It’s grey, cold, and I’m feeling a little bit sick {it’s that low-grade, constant winter sniffly thing} and a lot unmotivated for no particular reason. I’ve just been…off. It’s been impacting my creativity, my emotions, and my general wellbeing–sucky, right? Obviously we can’t all be happy 24/7, but feeling low and blah isn’t exactly an ideal way to go through life if you can help it!

Thankfully, I’ve figured out a few simple ways to shake off my funk. Here’s what I’m currently doing to boost my mood:

Yoga + rebounding + breathing.

That’s pretty much it. Three extra things {and a little bit of extra semi-sweet chocolate here and there too ;)} and I’m feeling so much more NORMAL. It’s a welcome feeling. Normal, happy balance is good. Just from a little movement and a little mindfulness. Allow me to expand on all of that...

I’ve obviously been on a major yoga kick these days thanks to #taketheleap, so I’m not going to talk TOO much about it, but honestly, this goes beyond that. Yoga is kind of magical. I’ve come to realize that even a 10-minute flow does something wonderful for my mindset. I just feel BETTER. Clearer. Calmer. A little bit happier. I see the moments I spend doing yoga as a genuine way to nurture my body. I’m not particularly good at it, but I’ve learned that it is good FOR me. That’s invaluable.

Rebounding, which I’ve talked about before, is pretty much the opposite of yoga! If I could use one word to describe the experience that is jumping on the trampoline, it would be wild. I love a little wildin’ in my life. While there are plenty of guided rebounding routines, I find that I get the best mood-boost from this exercise when I literally just go crazy and bounce up and down and flail with abandon. Awkward. Do I look like a freak? Totally. But I’m also having a crazy good time. Depending on my vibe, I either turn on an episode of Pretty Wild and zone out while I bounce, or I blast Trap music and jump like I’m at a club. A very strange club. Result: endorphin and tension  release, lymphatic drainage, and calorie torching. It doesn’t get much better. It works, whether it’s for 5 minutes or half an hour.

Breathing exercises are something that I’m newly into, because up until recently, I admittedly thought that they were a little cuckoo/out there. After spending a ton of time reading up on all things yoga, though, I kinda got pulled into the realm of breath work. There are breathing exercises to conquer just about any emotion, find focus, increase confidence, bust stress, even fall asleep more quickly! While I initially felt kind of stupid practicing these breathing techniques, I’ve come to really appreciate them. You can change the way you breathe {and thus, the way you’re feeling} ANYWHERE. In any situation. Around anyone. In my opinion, that kind of power is pretty cool. It’s control at the most basic level. Take it in and breathe it all out. Super soothing.

What do you do to boost your mood when you’re feeling down?



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