Get those weekend vibes, all the time. {Source.}
Get those weekend vibes, all the time. {Source.}

Feel like you’re constantly living for the weekend? Stop wishing your days away! Here are three simple ways to improve your week ASAP–weekend or not. 😉

  • Start it right. You know the sayings “never skip a Sunday” and “never miss a Monday”? Totally true and totally key. If you start the week with a killer workout and a super-fresh, healthy diet, it will totally set the tone for the next six days to come. You won’t want to negate your progress. You’ll want to stay on track. You’ll actually WANT to keep going. Of course, starting the week right doesn’t have to mean eating clean or running 10 miles if that’s not what you’re feeling like focusing on. It could be anything from getting your work done early, to running an errand you’d typically put off, to planning an especially stylish outfit to wear out instead of yoga pants and a v-neck. Just make a step in the right direction and it will make the rest of your week that much better.
  • Mix it up. Ever done a mundane Sunday afternoon task on a weeknight? It somehow becomes {almost} fun! Recently, this has become one of my favorite weird little things to do. It’s super simple and oddly satisfying–a perfect break from the mundane. Grocery shop, hit up Target, or get your car washed on a Monday night after 9 and things suddenly feel a lot more exciting. The same goes for seeing a movie at 4pm on a Thursday instead of at 8 on Saturday, or hitting an empty mall {aka paradise} on an extended lunch break if you can swing it. Change is good.
  • Schedule something fun early in the week. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is–it’s ALWAYS good to have something to look forward to. Why wait for the weekend?! I love the idea of having a girls’ night on Monday to catch The Bachelor or getting a drink during a Wednesday afternoon happy hour. I mean, I got engaged after the world’s best weekday date on a Tuesday night back in 2012, so I’m particularly partial to getting out there early in the week. At the very least, schedule in some me-time and do something glam for yourself. You won’t regret it, and those good vibes will make the weekend seem to come even sooner.

Live it up…Right now!



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