I did it, guys! I officially made it through 7 back-to-back days of yoga! {I’m legitimately excited about it–I’ve NEVER done this before!} One week down, three weeks to go.

For the first week of the #TaketheLeap challenge, I wanted to focus on doing short, accessible, easy-to-follow YouTube yoga videos. As I’ve mentioned before, while I’ve taken a handful of live yoga classes {and barre3, one of my favorite workouts, is rooted in yoga traditions}, I’m in NO a way a yogi. Like, I’m a total beginner. I need clear, easy-to-understand instruction, the ability to skip or modify poses that freak me out, and a routine that suits me/my mood/has a purpose. I found all of that on YouTube, obviously. It’s safe to say that I’m now hooked!

The yoga videos I did…

My week-one takeaways…

1. Yoga is addictive! I was a little apprehensive about diving into this challenge with no real direction aside from “do yoga every day” for at least five minutes, but after the second day of #taketheleap, I became OBSESSED. I loved the newfound sense of calm and balance, my sore muscles {more on that below} and the feeling of accomplishment that came with trying and conquering something new. Good stuff! I wanted to do multiple videos a day, pin new routines on Pinterest, and read every article ever about yoga’s benefits. In short, I became totally addicted. It’s a good addiction!

2. Soreness is no joke. Before starting #taketheleap, aside from the week I was on vacation, I was running almost daily, doing barre work 3-4x a week, and doing random Tone It Up videos whenever the mood struck. I felt like I was in pretty great shape, and that routine was well-rounded and balanced. Apparently not! These yoga videos have shown me that I have tons of tiny muscles that I haven’t been working! It’s cool, because now I know {and I actually kinda love the feeling of being sore?} and I can focus on developing and toning those areas. Shoulders and arms, I’m looking at you. 😉

3. prAna makes super-cute yoga gear, and cute clothes are the best motivation. Remember how I said that the whole #taketheleap challenge was in celebration of prAna’s 2015 spring collection? Well, I got my hands on two pieces from said collection thanks to prAna and SweatPink and they are ADORABLE. Natural, sustainable materials, cute patterns, killer quality, and great designs? Yeah–all there. Stay tuned for my official review and photos, and remember to use code PSPS15TSB for 15% off an entire prAna purchase of your own!

Ready to take on week two!



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