Kinda dying over these Frends headphones. {Source}
Kinda dying over these Frends headphones. {Source}

One of my favorite things to do, at the gym or just around the house, is to listen to podcasts. I have a casual addiction to information consumption, and listening to these gems makes me feel productive, informed, and entertained–winning combo. Now that Serial is {long} over, I’ve been binge listening to health/fitness/wellness podcasts. Love. Need something new to listen to on the treadmill? In the bath? While you’re cleaning your house? I got you! Here are four of my favorite healthy-living podcasts. #fitspo

1. The Jillian Michaels Show. I’m a casual Biggest Loser viewer…I actually started watching the show after listening to a podcast of former-BL-trainer Jillian Michael’s radio show in 2010. While Jillian is no longer on BL–or even on the radioher podcast goes on! If you’re used to Jill’s “toughest trainer” persona from Biggest Loser, you’re in for a surprise with her podcast where she provides general lifestyle guidance from a softer standpoint. Expect to hear about the latest in workout and fitness trends, tips for motivation and life maximization, and developing a healthy mindset. Jillian even takes listener calls! There’s still a healthy dose of tough love, but the show’s focus goes way beyond weight loss and personal training. iTunes has episodes dating all the way back to early 2011!

2. Men’s Health Live. Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I love Men’s Health Live. While a Women’s Health Live podcast would probably be 10x better {I mean, duh, right?!} the MHL isn’t a boys-only show by any means.  Hosted by Men’s Health editor Peter Moore and contributing editor Gregg Stebben, this podcast covers topics from the aforementioned men’s magazine–fitness, nutrition, technology, “guy news”, health, sex, and generally useful information. The show airs weekly on radio stations throughout the country, but you can catch it online. One perk of online listening: iTunes allows listeners to download full episodes of each show or to pick and choose from segments that interest them.

3. The Chalene Show. Heard of Chalene Johnson?! If not, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The Chalene Show creator is a New York Times Best Selling author, life coach, motivational speaker, and certified fitness celebrity. Beachbody programs Turbo Fire, ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Jam, and PiYo are all her doing. In her eponymous podcast, Chalene focuses on strategies to help listeners live their best lives by tackling everything from confidence to building your network to tackling your goals. Of course, since she’s also a fitness star, there are episodes on fat loss, sugar addiction, flexibility, and pushing past plateaus. It’s a healthy mix of personal development, inspiration, and fitspiration. Check it out on iTunes. A must for any fit girl!

4. Yoga Download. From the creators of comes a series of totally free 20-minute yoga classes, replete with both audio and video. The podcast includes a variety of yoga styles/disciplines with flows that focus on cultivating balance, and helping you to become more centered. Instructors, styles, and difficulty levels vary by episode, and audio-only editions of the podcast include visual, printable posing guides. These mini-flows are perfect for starting a yoga practice, checking out the Yoga Download format before committing to a monthly membership plan, or adding into an already-existing routine! Nothing’s better than free yoga. 😉

What are your favorite healthy podcasts?



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