I’ll set the scene for you: It’s ~8pm. I haven’t eaten since breakfast, and I’ve had to pee for roughly the last 50 minutes, but wasn’t allowed to actually do so on the plane as we’ve landed, but are waiting for an open gate to de-plane. Fast forward five minutes. I just rushed through MIA to make my connecting flight back to MSP. I get to the gate just as my zone has started to board. I squeeze into the window seat next to my husband and await take-off. The polish on my left middle finger has begun to chip, so I spend the next five minutes meticulously picking the rest of the color from my nail. It now appears as if I have intentionally thrown in an accent nail, which, honestly, isn’t something I’ve personally done since early 2012.

Wheels up.

To recap, I was tired, my nails were chipped, I had to pee, and I was really freaking hungry. All of that is pretty much a recipe for disaster. Soon, though, i’d be able to eat a solid meal, and that would surely solve everything. Sooo when the flight attendant informed us that they were sold out of everything on the right hand side of the in-flight menu–the side that included sandwiches and salad instead of Pringles, Chex Mix, and M&Ms, I officially couldn’t handle myself anymore. I became that girl. I started crying. {Not my finest moment.} I mean, I wasn’t sobbing or anything, and I waited to tear up until after the aforementioned flight attendant had walked away, but crying in public–especially over something as trivial as food–is not so much my jam. #embarrassing. Thankfully, my “that girl” moment inspired this post, so at least there’s that.

Here are some stupid-easy tips to implement on your next flight to avoid a “that girl” moment.

  • Buy food before you leave. This such a no-brainer, and so stupid-stupid-stupid of me not to have done! Take five minutes and buy yourself some healthy airplane-friendly snacks like KIND or Lara bars, jerky, popcorn, or nuts. Forget to make a Target run before departure? No worries–almost all of these items are available in airport convenience stores. They might be a little more pricy than at your typical retailer, but they’ll definitely be cheaper than whatever in-flight treats are available. I mean, $4 for a bag of M&Ms?! No thanks.
  • Eat well at the airport. Before our flight was delayed, this was my plan. Most major airports have at least ONE healthy dining option, so if you know you’re going to have some time between flights, head towards the good stuff and fuel up. Google your airport and their restaurants beforehand and make a plan! There’s pretty much nothing worse than wandering the terminal in search of semi-appealing, moderately-healthy food and getting nowhere, only to see someone at your gate chowing down on fresh fruit and salad. It’s there! You just have to find it. PS, the people next to me on one of my flights definitely enjoyed leftovers from an airport meal, so don’t be afraid to doggy-bag that ish and save it for later.
  • Stay hydrated. You know what they say about thirst being displaced as hunger…Flying also happens to be incredibly dehydrating, so drink up, before, during, and after! {But opt for water and skip the caffeine and alcohol!}
  • Pick the most calorie-dense option on the plane’s menu. If you’ve waited too long to eat, don’t be like me/worry about making a healthy choice. Just EAT. You know how I said that our flight wasn’t stocked with actual, hearty food? The next best thing for a hangry girl is the most densely caloric offerings on the menu. We ordered Pringles, nuts and cranberries, and a “snack pack” that featured a variety of semi-healthy fare to split. Potato chips definitely aren’t in my typical diet, and I’ve never actually EATEN Pringles before Monday’s flight, but in that moment, I’d never eaten anything more delicious or satisfying. I needed those calories, stat, and you could too. No regrets.

Don’t be that girl!



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