Aside from cute workout clothes, nothing gets me through a tough workout like a good playlist. While iTunes Radio, Pandora, and Songza are fab, I find it particularly enjoyable to curate my own set list from time to time. When I’m planning on an XL gym date, to queue up a selection of upbeat, motivating tracks that sync with the amount of time I’m planning to be in the gym–it gets me pumped and helps make the minutes pass more quickly! Total mindset/mood booster. I like a wide variety of musical genres, but when it comes to my workout soundtrack, I tend to gravitate towards rap, pop, and badass girl anthems. Here are a few of my favorite jams for a quickie half-hour workout sesh.

The TSB {Mini} Power Playlist!

Runtime: 32 Minutes.

1. Power – Kanye West

2. Partition – Beyonce

3. Feelin Myself – Will.I.Am.

4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Fergie

5. Hot N Fun – N.E.R.D.

6. 23 – Mike Will Made It

7. Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande

8. Crown On The Ground – Sleigh Bells

You can listen to the entire playlist on 8Tracks HERE.

What are your fav gym jams?!



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