In the health foods world, major focus has been placed on the consumption of “whole”, “natural”, and “pure” foods. Things that are processed, preserved, refined, and modified are now no-go items as many of us are striving to consume a diet that is as clean and fresh as possible. Even if it isn’t possible {or even realistic or FUN!} to live a life completely free of processed items, you can make little tweaks here and there to increase the nutritional profile of your meals and increase your overall health. One super-simple way to do this? Switch your salt! Go for pink Himalayan salt, more specifically.

Pink Himalayan salt is unrefined, unprocessed salt mined from ancient salt caves. This is salt in the raw. Pure. Like sea salt, right? Nope. Fun fact: Any salt can be legally labeled as sea salt, even if it’s been refined or processed. Refined or not, salt can also come from increasingly polluted, toxic waters…not exactly what you want to be putting in your body. Himalayan salt, on the other hand, comes from 200-million-year-old sea salt beds that were covered by lava, then snow and ice, untouched by modern-day toxins, pollutants, and contaminants. This pure salt has been used, and harvested in the same way, for literally hundreds of years. Purity factor aside, Himalayan salt reigns supreme over traditional table salt as it also contains 84 minerals and trace elements–components that are regularly stripped from commercial salt. So make the switch! What will that mean for you? Major body benefits, of course.

Pink Perks:

  • Excellent for post-workout rehydration and electrolyte balance.
  • Doesn’t make you retain water–Himalayan salt regulates water content both inside and outside of cells, which is great for bloating and body balance.
  • Aids in blood sugar regulation.
  • Helps with alkalinity and proper pH balance.
  • Prevents muscle cramps.
  • Aids in metabolism function and increases circulation.
  • Helps with nutrient absorption in the gut.
  • Is naturally anti-microbial.
  • Can support hormone balance, detoxification, and weight loss!

Sounds good, yes? And those are just the perks of actually consuming Himalayan salt…it also has non-food applications and benefits. Use a {trendy and chic} salt lamp to purify the air. Add salt to a bath to soothe cramps and draw out toxins. Combine with essential oil and alcohol to create a deodorizing body spray. I feel like this is as close to a *~magic product~* or *~miracle cure~* as we can realistically get. All in all, pink salt is pretty dope.

{And it’s pretty.}


Shop the story:

1. Sherpa Pink Himalayan Extra-Fine Grain Salt, 2lbs, $6.99.

2. Trader Joe’s Himalayan Pink Salt w/ Built-In Grinder, 4.5oz, $7.89.

3. Just Natural Products Himalayan Bath Salts, $17.99.

4. WBM LLC Himalayan Salt Lamp, $21.99

Get salty.



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