Via CosmoBody. {Source}
Via CosmoBody. {Source}

Last fall, I introduced you to Cosmopolitan Magazine’s foray into the fitness world: CosmoBody…Since then, CB and I have gotten very nicely acquainted! Recently, I decided to try out one of their training programs before hitting the beach–their Sexier by Saturday challenge. I love it!

Designed to be started on a Monday, this six-day program promises to whip you into killer shape by the weekend. Having done it, I can safely say that even in a super-short period of time, I actually DO feel sexier, tighter, and more toned. {Sidebar: Remember when Kim Kardashian made a fitness DVD series called “Fit Into Your Jeans By Friday”? This is a lot like that, only legitimate.} Each day of the six-day program offers a streaming workout that focuses on shaping your bod, increasing metabolism, and making you hot. Videos range in length from 10 minutes to just under half an hour, and exercises vary between old-school conditioning, hardcore strength moves, and a little targeted abdominal work. Day one, for example, is a fairly tame beach cardio warm-up routine. Day two? You’re doing a full-on, full-length strength and toning workout focused on trouble spots. Bright side? The trainer for that one, Don Saladino, is super hot.

One of the major perks of a CosmoBody subscription is that you can take it anywhere. If you have Internet–or even cellular data–you have access to all of the challenges, workout videos, healthy living tips, and trainer bios. The CosmoBody experience is also totally personal and customizable. You can tackle a challenge, create your own program, or just pick from an ever-growing video library of streaming workouts. Dance cardio, barre, yoga, circuits–the gang’s all there. There are even videos designed to be done with your man! With CosmoBody, there’s no way you can get bored. I mean, with workouts, challenges, inspiration, and advice all at your fingertips, how could you?!

Dying to try it for yourself? You’re in luck! CosmoBody is offering TSB readers 20% off every month through 2015 with code COSMOBODY20. Get on it, girls!


Happy sculpting!



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