Get glowing, no beach required. {Source.}
Get glowing, no beach required. {Source.}

One of the best-kept beauty secrets of the 2000s, as far as I’m concerned, is the power of a great spray tan.

Spray tans are awesome. They make you look healthy, sexy, and slim, they don’t damage your skin like traditional tanning does, and they seriously up your beauty game for at least a week. If you’ve got a big event on the horizon–think, a wedding, hot date, or tropical vacation–do yourself a favor and get sprayed. You’ll look and feel like a celebrity. Nothing will be the same, I swear.

Here are the rules for getting the best tan ever.

1. Pick the right place. Seriously, this is probably THE most important tip to having a positive spray tanning experience. If you want a good tan, you have to know where to go. Ask friends for recs, check out Instagram hashtags, page through Yelp, whatever, just find somewhere GOOD. Reviews are everything. Do you want to be tanned by a machine? Do you want custom work to make your abs pop like a VS model? Are you willing to pay a premium price for extras like shimmer, hydration, or “quick” tanning solution? Keep all of these things in mind in your search. In my opinion, the best spray tans are those done by an actual tan-tech, and that are customized just for you. My Minneapolis favorite is GoGlow, which both operates spray tanning “salons” and also makes house calls. Super glam and does flawless work. I have an appointment with them tomorrow!

2. Exfoliate. Exfoliation is key to an even, natural-looking tan, so getting in some scrubby time is absolutely key. I live and die by Frank coffee scrub, but a simple mixture of coconut oil + brown sugar makes an awesome DIY scrub in a pinch. Loofah it up and slough off all of your dead skin 48 hours before your tan. Need to shave? Do that at least 8 hours before your appointment.

3. Keep it clean. Refrain from using pretty much ANY skin products the day of your tan, or, better yet, shower right before your appointment. Steer clear of moisturizer, body oils, foundation, perfume, even deodorant! All of these items can affect the quality and coverage of your tan.

His & hers totally artificial tanlines and beach glow, courtesy of a killer spray tan last spring.
His & hers totally artificial tanlines and beach glow, courtesy of a killer spray tan last spring.

4. Dress for success. Depending on where you go, you can pretty much show up to your spray tan in whatever you’re comfortable wearing, from a bikini to a g-string to totally nude…Anything goes. Remember, what you wear will determine your tan lines {or not}! After your tan, dress in baggy, loose-fitting, dark cotton clothing or a robe post-tan. You dry pretty quickly, but better safe than sorry with the clothes.

5. Hold off on rinsing {and/or sweating!} for the next 12-24 hours. The tanning solution develops over the 12-24 hours after you’re sprayed, so plan to avoid showering, sweating, or getting caught in the rain while the magic is happening. When it IS time to rinse, your tan will likely have seriously deepened–you can actually look a little dirty at first!–so a shower should bring you down to your desired glowing shade. To extend the life of your tan, your first shower should really just be a rinse; no soaps or other products. When you’re done, gently pat yourself down with a towel. Do not rub!

6. Extend it! Since a spray tan is a bit of an investment, you’ll probably want to extend your glow for as long as possible. With a little TLC and planning, you can totally make this wish a reality. Here’s how. Ditch any body products with sulfates, don’t exfoliate, try to avoid long hot showers, baths, or whirlpool sessions for at least the first 5 days, minimize time spent in chlorine, and moisturize moisturize moisturize!


Are you team spray tan?!



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  1. I live for spray tanning it’s like when I was young addicted to tanning beds. I’m now a esthetician and im obsessed with could skin. After spending thousands on fixing myself. A healthy glow is well worth it. Everyone looks better with a tan.

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