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As you’ve probably realized by now, I’m a total challenge addict. I love the accountability, the built-in motivation, and the constant stimulation that workout series provide. Sometimes, though? It gets to be a little too much…especially with juggling everything else in life.

I recently stumbled upon this image on Tumblr and it really resonated with me. It sounded seriously refreshing. Peaceful. Mindful. Minimal. I loved that. Most challenges focus on adding additional tasks into your life, but this one does the exact opposite, grounding you with subtraction. Of course, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to minimalism–when I was a junior in college, a fashion merchandizing class I took required us all to commit to a seriously minimal wardrobe for 30 days. While I kind of resented it at first, in the end, I grew to really enjoy the challenge of making something beautiful and stylish out of only a few pieces and honing in on what I really needed. The Tumblr minimalism challenge, I think, aims to provide the same benefit…but for your entire life. That’s crazy powerful! But look at it. Check it out. If a month of minimalism sounds overwhelming, just pick FIVE prompts to conquer. My favorites?

  1. No email or social media until lunch.
  2. Don’t buy anything for 24 hours.
  3. No complaint day.
  4. Identify your 3-6 main priorities.
  5. Evaluate your last five purchases.

Each of the above cues seem SO healthy–you’re cultivating me-time, gaining balance, and truly caring for yourself in a way that often falls by the wayside. A healthy mindset is incredibly important in living a balanced, beautiful life. Shamelessly focusing on the things that are most important to you and drowning out everything else, even for 30 days, can spur great changes in your outlook and experience. And honestly, if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re eventually going to become a burden to everyone else.

Whether you choose to follow this plan to the letter day-by-day, or simply practice living by the spirit of the challenge, you can benefit. It’s challenging, but it’s also totally doable. End result: Focus, balance, and vitality.

You deserve it, babe.



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