HUGO Naturals Deodorant

Let’s get real, guys…deodorant is kind of an odd subject for a post, right? This deodorant, though, is so amazing that I seriously thought it warranted a little love on TSB.

Hugo Naturals Dual Action Deodorant caught my eye while out shopping on a Friday night. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and natural products, and this stuff had both. I skimmed the label and became increasingly curious–this deodorant is free of propylene glycol, aluminum, and alcohol. It’s gluten-free and vegan. There are no artificial colors, fragrances, or pretroleum products. It’s soothing for sensitive skin and is made in the USA. Did I mention the scent? The stick I picked is Mexican Lime & Bergamot. It legitimately smells like a lime-y, fizzy cocktail. So. Good.

Here’s the thing about natural deodorant though: sometimes it really doesn’t work. If you’re used to using traditional antiperspirant, most natural deos will take some getting used to as they don’t actually stop you from sweating–they simply mask or neutralize the odor your sweat produces. Aaaand some of these natural formulations do a better job of that than others. Hugo’s deodorant, though, has you covered. Their dual-action formula uses a blend of probiotics and natural fragrances to fight odor-causing bacteria and keep you smelling nice, while also utilizing aloe vera and rice powder to absorb moisture. There’s also coconut oil and tea tree! It smells great, application is silky-smooth, and I love that it’s a natural, health-friendly product. It also costs less than $10 per full-sized tube, making it a  better deal than my OG-and-other-favorite natural deo, by LaVanila. While these products probably aren’t going to be your go-to for crazy HIIT session at the gym, they’re pretty ideal for day-to-day use. I’m definitely a fan.

You can find Hugo’s in-store at Whole Foods, or online HERE. And hey–if Mexican lime and bergamot isn’t your thing, they also make a fennel and passionflower blend and and unscented formula. You’re pretty much covered, granola betches.



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