Two things I love year-round: Sunflowers & ocean water. {Source.}
Two things I love year-round: Sunflowers & ocean water. {Source.}

Whenever I’m feeling a little block-y {as in, writers block}, the first thing I do is make a list. I’m totally down for stream-of-consciousness, but a little bit of bulleting and thought organization go a long way for a semi-burnt-out brain. Since I was feeling a little fried this morning, I started my day by making a few lists–jotting down story ideas, reminding myself what I need to get done today, taking note of what I’m grateful for, stuff like that. Then, I started making a list of things that I’m particularly into at the moment. It was fun and funny and, in my opinion, blog worthy. I mean, I always love getting little glimpses into other bloggers’ personal lives…why not share my own?

Here’s what I’m loving lately.

  • Adding essential oils to baths. I touched on this gem of a tip in my skincare post, but I love it so much {and it’s so damn good} that I’m going to mention it again. I am in LOVE with adding essential oil blends to my baths. Winter baths are kind of my thing. I use lots and lots of epsom salt and turn the water temperature up high. They make me happy and warm and calm and all of that is stuff I’m super into. Baths can also, unfortunately, be really drying–not into that at all. I combat this by spiking my waters with 3 or 4 droppers full of essential or coconut oils. My go-to, at the moment, is a vanilla jojoba blend that makes the entire bathroom {and my skin} smell like a giant cookie. It’s a really magical thing. Highly recommend. Here’s an especially yummy one to start with!
  • Pre-vacation prep. T-8 days until Puerto Rico! I am so excited and so ready. Only not ready at all, because I have a ton of {fun!} pre-vacay prep work to do, including pre-writing and scheduling blog posts, shopping for airplane snacks, booking beauty appointments, researching travel excursions, and packing. I love doing all of these things. Not only are they all weirdly soothing, but they help build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming trip! Major case of vacation on my mind right now. Sorry ’bout it.
  • The Pinterest ponytail. Yes yes yes! Never have I ever been more enamored with an internet-sourced hairstyle since the topknot. I live for the Pinterest pony, guys. It’s the thing where you make two ponies–one super high, and one lower on your neck–and it gives you crazy volume and the appearance of extra length. It’s crazy easy and feels very glamorous to me. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out THIS link. There are about a million “double pony” tutorials. Super simple, killer style payoff. The ultimate beauty win.
  • iOS 8. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6. It’s amazing. I had previously been using the 5, which was great, but my phone was so packed full of apps, photos, and everything else that I had zero space to install the new iOS update. Now I have it and it’s like a whole new world. Predictive text? Crazy iCloud updates? Health? Family sharing?!? It’s all so new and beautiful and functional! I’m totally not being sarcastic here at all, guys. I’m really, really into this.
  • Destroyed denim. I know what you’re thinking–no–because believe me, I thought the same thing. I in no way want to return to the frayed-hem, flared-out, lightwash styles of yesteryear. The destroyed denim I’m coveting at the moment is very specific: monochrome (think grey, black, or white) and a max of like, three holes. Have you seen all of the holey-kneed pairs of black skinny jeans popping up on Pinterest and style sites? They’re gorgeous! It’s kinda boho, kinda edgy, and kinda hot. But also effortless. I want a pair, like yesterday. Recently though, I purchased a pair of super-destroyed black 100% cotton boyfriend jeans that I’m also pretty into, so those are going to tide me over until I find the perfect skinnies.

What are you loving lately?



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