Every few months or so, I find myself becoming enamored with a new workout modality. It’s not that barre, TIU routines, and some casual running get old {because for me, they totally don’t} it’s that I’m insatiable, and constantly wanting to explore new or interesting fitness trends…even if my interest only five minutes.

Recently, my curious workout of choice has been boxing. I’ve taken a few kickboxing classes–one was an 8-week series at the Y when I was like, 10, and the others were led by one of my friends who happens to be a particularly kickass instructor–but I never really felt like it was my “thing.” Ever since I found out that a bevy of both celebrities and Victoria’s Secret models alike use this method to stay in shape, though, I’ve become increasingly interested in giving boxing another chance. It’s stress relief. It’s mind-body connection. It’s cardio and sculpting. It’s where calories go to die.

Now when I think of boxing, I think of pink boxing gloves, pounding away the stress of the day on a bag, and really, really, exceptionally toned arms. What’s not to love?! If you’re now as curious about boxing as I am, here are a few great resources to fuel your flame.

  • 9Round. Prefer to take a class in person? 9Round might be your jam. Billed as specialty kickboxing and fitness facilities, 9Round locations offer trainer-led, 30-minute workouts with roots in “old school boxing” and kickboxing, as well as interval, functional, and circuit training. The workout is different every time and the experience is tailored to each participant. Expect work varying from burpees, speed drills, and jumping rope to hitting the punching bag during the various 9 rounds of your workout. It’s intense, but the results–defined muscles, improved strength, and increased cardiovascular function–make it worth it. You can find out more about 9Round and what they offer HERE.
  • Pinterest. Like YouTube, Pinterest is an endless wealth of information. It features both fitspiration and actual, printable workout routines. From boxer-friendly diets, to one-song workouts, to sassy tank tops, to celebrity fitness interviews, it’s all there. Learn how to use hand wraps here, complete an 18-minute kickboxing workout here, and check out a boxing routine developed by a VS trainer for Women’s Health here. Pinterest is perfect for exploring your options and getting inspired!
  • TITLE Boxing. Cute women’s boxing gear? Check. TITLE offers everything from gloves to competition apparel, specifically designed for women. It’s cute, the prices are reasonable, and new gear is the perfect motivation to get your booty to the gym. Bonus: For only $80, you can pick up a TITLE training kit, which includes gloves, hand wraps, a jumprope, and a sport bag, all in pink. Minus the punching bag, that’s pretty much everything you need to get started.

Have you boxed before? What workouts are on your radar?



2 comments on “Work It Out: Boxing for Fitness”

  1. I love boxing it works your total body and its really empowering. My favorite program is Les Mills Combat since I don’t have a gym close by me. Your blog is amazing by the way

    • Thanks for reading, Brittany! I’ve heard of Les Mills, but not Combat–I’ll have to check that out! <3

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