Confession: I spend a lot of time {maybe too much time} with my eyes and fingers glued to my iPhone. I’m obsessed with everything my phone has to offer: entertainment, the ability to consume endless amounts of information, access to the lives of my friends and family, connection, all of it. It’s a slight addiction for sure, but honestly, I’m okay with it. The benefits are really, really good. I shared my favorite health and fitness apps here on the blog last year, but today I wanted to focus on three of my favorite lifestyle apps–the applications that make my life easier, better, and more interesting. Oh, and they’re all free. Sounds pretty good, right? Open the App Store now! Here are three of my must-download, must-have iPhone apps.

1. Pocket.

Photo via Pocket.
Screenshot via Pocket.

Pocket is genius. Ever see a link online and want to read it, but don’t have the time/don’t want to interrupt  what you’re doing? Pocket is for you! The app allows you to conveniently save articles, images, and videos directly to the app for later viewing. Pocket is incredibly user-friendly, and can be integrated into over 500 apps for seamless saving. Between multiple browsers, Twitter, and Facebook, I’m constantly saving content to Pocket to check out later, whether that “later” is hanging out on a Sunday night, waiting for a table at a restaurant, or on a plane. Did I mention that everything you save to pocket is available for offline viewing?! It is, and it’s glorious.

2. TwoGrand.

Screenshot via TwoGrand.
Screenshot via TwoGrand.

I touched on the amazingness that is TwoGrand in a previous app-related post, but since then, I’ve gotten super into it. As I mentioned last year, if Instagram and My Fitness Pal procreated, TwoGrand would probably be their child. It’s a unique food and exercise tracker that focuses NOT on counting calories, but instead on photographs and optional journaling. Users can take {unfiltered} pictures of daily eats and exercises and post them to their TwoGrand profile, along with other optional information, such as height, weight, workout habits, and any specific dietary restrictions or styles. It’s great for both accountability and inspiration, since users are able to follow each other and see each other’s diets. TwoGrand has an excellent search feature that allows you to search by user or by meal, and search filters {including search by gender, goal weight, vegan/raw vegan/paleo/sugar-free/Whole30, etc} that ensure you’ll find people to follow who are as similar or as different from you as you’d please. It’s crazy addictive, and way more fun than counting calories. You can follow me @healthybetch 😉

3. Dr. On Demand.

Screenshot via Dr. On Demand.
Screenshot via Dr. On Demand.

While this isn’t an app I use every day, I fully consider Dr. On Demand a must-download. The app allows you to have a real-time, digital doctor’s appointment via video visit, for only $40. It’s just like an in-person doctor visit, but cost-effective and super convenient–especially perfect for those times when you feel so awful from a sinus infection/stomach bug/UTI that you can’t even handle leaving the house. You can view a full list of ailments and conditions that Dr. On Demand treats HERE. It’s pretty much unprecedented levels of access to health care. Aside from general medical care, Doctor On Demand also just added pediatrics, lactation consulting, and psychology services.

What apps are your go-tos?!



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