Thanks to MTV OnDemand, I’ve been watching a lot of “The Hills” episodes lately. Like, a lot. Mostly from season 3, which means lots of Justin Bobby weirdness, Speidi drama, and perfectly pin-straight hair on everyone from LC to Whitney. I never got too into the show when it originally aired {I was more of a “Simple Life” chick} but now, almost a decade later, it’s glorious. I lap that shit up. While there are some now questionable sartorial moments on that show–super low-rise jeans, baby doll dresses, and tube tops galore to name just a few–it definitely reminded me of some of the better fashion and beauty trends of the mid-to-late 00s. So that’s what we’re talking about today. Why? Because it feels right. Here we go.

  • Side bangs. OMG, how are we not still doing this?! Side bangs were so mysterious! So sexy! So chic! They looked great with super-straight hair a la Heidi, or with a little extra texture and body like Audrina. Whitney had them. Lauren had them. They were great. And it wasn’t just Hills girls–everyone from Nicole Richie to the Olsen twins rocked this look back in the day. I miss it. I’m seriously going to make this my mission to bring this look back this year, because it’s awesome. #sidebangs2k15
  • REALLY big sunglasses. While bug-eyed lenses are still semi-relevant, their 2005 iteration was particularly wonderous. I’m not about that Wayfarer, aviator, mirrored-round-whatever life. Give me giant sunnies or give me death. The more facial coverage the better. You get to minimize the amount of makeup you wear, protect your skin from sun {and thus, wrinkles}, and, major bonus, creep on people. Thankfully, 2015-appropriate varieties DO exist, such as these by Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and Ray Ban.
  • The original Juicy Couture sweatsuit. I tweeted about this the other day–I seriously miss the Juicy suit. You know, the ones that came in velour or french terry and featured slim-cut hoodies and super low-slung, semi-flared bottoms that just personified effortless sex appeal? The ones that cost $100+, so they basically gave you a free pass to wear them 24/7, out wherever, all in the name of style? The tracksuits that put Pam and Gela on the map?! Those were the days, guys. 2003 to ~2006. Their heyday. The days before Juicy Couture was sold to Liz Claiborne and shilled in Kohls…I miss those days. I will forever keep the pair of Juicy sweat pants that I got as a Christmas present my freshman year of high school for a shot of California-laced, candy-coated nostalgia.

Honorable mentions: braided crowns, baby Brody Jenner, headbands/headscarves, Heidi’s pre-plastic surgery face, Blackberries. Oh, and of course THIS, the ultimate in Hills-piration!



2 comments on “I Love The 2000s: Fashion & Beauty Greatness from “The Hills””

  1. Just found your blog and I’m loving it! I kind of love this post and all of the greatness you’ve found from the series. I think Laguna Beach is an honorable mention (season 1 mostly), and highly encourage you to re-watch that for more fun/drama/side-swept bangs.

    • Aww, thank you, Gloria! I totally need to catch up on Laguna–definitely missed it when it originally aired, but now I’m super nostalgic for anything ’00s! Thanks for stopping by! <3

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