Yesterday, as a part of Tone It Up’s Love Your Body challenge, we were encouraged to write a love letter of sorts…A love list, actually. A list noting five things we love most about our bodies, right now, as-is. I can’t even explain how much I love this idea. A lot of times, we, as women, tend to fixate on all of the parts of our bodies that we are less-than-pleased with, or that we wish we could change. With this, we also totally take for granted all of the awesome things our bodies have to offer! While I’m all for self improvement, there’s something to be said about recognizing your innate amazingness. That’s right–you’re hot, girl! Give yourself some credit 😉 Scrolling through Instagram, I’ve seen some pretty awesome responses to this #TIUChallenge, with girls proclaiming their love for everything from their bodies that carried babies, to fabulous boobs, to particularly white teeth. It’s the epitome of body acceptance. That’s super inspiring! Since I’m a fan of Tone It Up, lists, and this general concept, I thought I’d take my faves public and share my body loves on TSB. Here are five things I love about my body.

1. My legs. I have really long legs. Barre, running, and incline walking have made them toned and strong. I like how they look. It’s pretty much as simple as that!

2. My butt. I didn’t always like my butt. I mean, it’s just a butt, right? But really, it’s a pretty cute butt! It also seems to attract a decent amount of attention, which is weird, but whatever. Yay booty!

3. My lips. Honestly, when it comes to my face, it’s really a toss-up between my lips and my nose, but I went with my lips because I thought admitting how much I admire my nose would be a little weird. Buuut now I just admitted it. Oops. Anyway, my lips are full and soft and I feel like they’re particularly pretty.

4. My hair. I have naturally curly hair that blow-dries straight really easily. It doesn’t grow as quickly as I’d like, but I love how strong it is, and the innate versatility that comes with being a curly girl.

5. My height. Okay, I don’t love it ALL of the time, but I’m pretty into being 5’8″. I feel confident and self-assured around just about everyone, clothing almost always fit just right, and weight fluctuations ain’t no thang. Plus, models are tall! Being tall is dope.

What are five things you love about your body? Find complete details of Tone It Up’s Love Your Body challenge HERE!



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