Happy New Year, babes! It’s officially 2015! Want to feel super healthy, fit, and accomplished in under a day? Tackle some resolutions, girl! So good. So simple.

1. Try a new workout. This can be as simple as seeking out a new modality on YouTube, or as complex as joining a CrossFit gym or buying yourself a month of unlimited Pilates sessions.

2. Join a challenge. Tone It Up’s Love Your Body challenge starts this week, and Barre3 is hosting a challenge that starts on Monday. Kayla Itsines fan? A TON of girls are starting her guide on the 5th, staying accountable via a massive Facebook group and the #thekaylamovement tag on Instagram.

3. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit. Perfect fuel for all of your gym selfies, plus motivation to actually get you to your sunrise yoga class. You can shop some of my faves here, here, and of course, here.

4. Start a fitness/health/wellness Instagram account. I’ve “met” the best people from the fitness community on Instagram {especially #tiuteam chicas!} and it’s a daily dose of positivity, inspiration, and motivation whenever I log on. Fill your feed with photos of healthy meals, sweaty selfies, and gym #ootds. Never look back!

5. Get to the gym. Seriously, just go. Now. Easy.

Cheers to 2015!



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