It can be particularly difficult to feel glam in the winter months when cold weather and sleet tend to either trap us inside in front of Netflix, or commit us to a uniform of Uggs and down parkas. Yuck. With a little effort, however, you can ditch the typical winter routine and get your *~glam~* on. Glamour is a real concept, of course, but it’s also a state of mind. It’s about being a little indulgent, a little more luxurious, and radiating a lot of confidence. It’s an experience! Here are a few simple things you can do to maximize your glam quotient any time.

  1. Invest in quality lingerie. Matching sets of lingerie totally just scream glam. It’s a sexy little secret that only you are aware of! Meow! All glamour aside, however, proper-fitting undergarments can make a huge difference in your overall look and fit of your clothing, so spending a little extra for something fabulous is an excellent investment. Head to VS, Nordstrom, Bloomies, or La Perla  to update your stash! Personally, I love anything by Skivvies by For Love and Lemons when I’m looking to feel especially pretty and sexy.
  2. Find a signature scent…FOR your lingerie. Confession time: I spray Glow by J.Lo in my lingerie drawer. Even on my most low-maintenance days, it feels SO glamorous to open the drawer and pick out a perfectly-scented lacy little thing. It’s subtle, but it sets the mood and leaves me feeling extravagant. Little tweak, big impact.
  3. Embrace {faux} fur. Fur = luxury. Go get some. While you can’t ever go wrong with a glam faux fur coat and the fur vest has become a winter fashion favorite over the past few years, simply incorporating the texture/textile into your decor can help you to feel as if you’re living the luxe life. Shearling rugs are a great place to start–they’re reasonably priced, cozy, and super Instagram-friendly. If you’re a full-on glam girl, pick up a faux fur throw ASAP. They’re comfy, sexy, and totally glamorous.
  4. Take more baths. I will forever advocate increasing your time in the bathtub. Bath time is the best time. The more products, the better. Stop over to LUSH and grab a bath bomb. Light some candles. Play soft spa music. Pamper yourself!
  5. Perfume it up. Specific fragrances can put you in totally different moods. For an extra-glam experience, use scented bath and body products and layer on a spritz or two of your favorite scent. This will totally boost your confidence and make you feel hot!
  6. Care for your skin. To me, there’s something very luxurious about taking the time to care for your skin post-soak. Use a hydrating, yummy cream on your body and take extra care and time to apply all of your favorite facial products. Cleanse, tone, moisturize–all of it. Not not will this make you feel indulgent and pampered, but overtime, the routine will totally transform your skin and face. There’s just no better accessory than beautiful skin.
  7. Take a BOLD turn with your look. Whether this means curling your hair, rocking a red lip, or applying false lashes, do one big, bold, beautiful thing with your beauty routine that you love, but don’t usually do. Guaranteed to make you feel extra foxy!
  8. Put on a fabulous outfit, no matter what you’re doing. Vacuuming the house in heels and an evening dress? Hitting the bars in a super-chic skirt and blazer combo? Grabbing lunch in a structured romper and tights? Lounging in front of the fireplace in the aforementioned fancy lingerie? Do you, boo! Put on something that makes you feel sexy and luxurious and go from there. Wearing something atypical out in the world can admittedly feel a little odd at times, but, as Janice Dickinson says, “find your light and work it work it work it.” Seriously. Who cares what anyone else thinks of your outfit if YOU feel {and look!} like a babe? This is about YOU. Done and done.
  9. Do something decadent. Eat chocolate covered strawberries. Have a glass of wine {or even better, champagne!} with lunch. Buy yourself flowers. Pick up new magazines and sped the entire afternoon reading them on the floor. Cook an extravagant meal from scratch. It’s all about elevating your typical day-to-day experience.  When you’re in need of a little extra glamour in your life, doing one extra-indulgent thing a day never hurts.

Ditch your sweats, pamper yourself, and do some hardcore primping. A little self care is all you need to live an instantly more glamorous life.



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