It's try on time! ;)
It’s try on time! 😉

We all know that summer bodies are made in the winter. It’s the stuff that fuels cold-weather workout challenges, prompts post-Christmas cleanses, and sparks seasonal get fit goals. But, what if you have an occasion that requires you to be bikini ready BEFORE debuting your hard-earned summer body? Say, a winter getaway or a spring break trip that will be here before you know it? I got you–partially because this is a reality I’m currently dealing with. Go into your closet and grab your favorite bathing suit. Now pop that baby on. Check yourself out, maybe snap a picture or two, but really take it all in. If you like what you see, work on maintaining! If you’re a little less pleased, you’ll {hopefully} be inspired to clean up your diet and spend a little extra time getting your sweat on. The bikini test a killer pulse check coupled with a shot of instant motivation. You’re your own fitspo!

If you’re hardcore, increase the amount of time to you spend in your suit. While I’m definitely not advocating eating your meals in your bikini in front of a mirror, rocking your swimsuit from the time you finish dinner until you go to bed could help you cut back on nighttime snacking and mindless over eating. A little extreme? Probably. But I can pretty much promise that you’re not going to want to eat a cheeseburger while wearing a bikini. Use that to your advantage!

Even if spending a little extra time in your swimsuit doesn’t tempt you to change your daily habits, simply getting COMFORTABLE with your bikini body can do great things for your confidence. And hey, if you don’t like how you look, you can always schedule a shopping trip and buy something new!



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