…because who needs resolutions to shape up when a mirror says you look awesome?!

Yes, the Skinny Mirror is something that exists. As you may have suspected, this special line of mirrors “subtly” distorts your image, making you look taller and thinner than you actually are in their magical reflections. According to the creators, The Skinny Mirror was designed to “help women feel good about themselves, giving them that extra confidence boost”. Right. Byyy changing the way you look. Slimming effect, people! You get “extra confidence to take on the world!”

From their website

“The Skinny Mirror, founded in 2012, believes “Perception is Motivation”. The company’s mission is to inspire each person to see themselves in a more attractive way by combining our media ideals with a subtle, yet believable slimming reflection (5-10lbs). When we see ourselves as attractive, we begin to act in a way that is more attractive to the people around us.”

Nope, nope, no. Guys, I can’t with this product. Cannot.

Look, I like a good skinny mirror as much as the next girl. They’re like, a little unexpected treat when you’re in a store, or stumble upon one at, say, a carnival. I mean, the combination of slightly-skinny mirrors and dim mood lighting pretty much MAKES the Forever 21 dressing room experience! But would I want a mirror in my actual house–for everyday use–that made me look better than I actually look? HELL NO!  The mirror is LYING to you! That’s exactly what I DON’T want.

I'll take a normal mirror, please. {Source.}
I’ll just take a normal mirror, please. {Source.}

From a retail standpoint it makes total sense. The creators of The Skinny Mirror linked to a study showing that, in a Swedish lingerie store, 88% of customers who used a Skinny Mirror made a purchase, compared to only 73% if customers who used a standard mirror. The Skinny Mirror group contributed to 54% of total sales!

But…did these test subjects–I mean, shoppers–KNOW that they were using deceptive mirrors? No! They just thought they looked awesome and bought extra stuff. Womp. {Unless you’re the lingerie store in this scenario. If you’re the store, woo!!} Like I said – totally makes sense from a retail and business perspective, but, at least to me, not at ALL for personal use. Oh, and at-home models will run you between $175 – $700, so there’s that, too.

So yeah. Sneaky mirror? No thanks!

Would you buy a Skinny Mirror?



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