What better time for a quick skinny trick than Christmas Eve?! There are a ton of articles popping up on my reader all about avoiding the Christmas gorge, so I thought I’d pop in quick and give you one of my favorite tips–HALT. I was first introduced to the concept of HALT via a Women’s Health article about stopping a binge before it starts. Though I don’t consider myself a binge eater, I can definitely get a little over zealous when I have open, unrestricted access to things like pizza and/or self-serve frozen yogurt, or if I’m feeling particularly hormonal, so I was interested in reading pro binge-beating, self control tips.

HALT is just that–a killer strategy and coping mechanism, wrapped up into a cute little acronym.

Oh–and if you’re an emotional eater, it might just be a game changer.

Just halt.

Before or during your meal? HALT.

Stop and ask yourself if you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Hungry? Good–eat something, or keep eating! If you identify with any of the emotions listed, however, you should attempt to address those issues and work out whatever is going on in your head WITHOUT using food. It’s crazy how easy it is to absentmindedly munch down a bag of chips just because you’re feeling sleepy, bored, lonely, or whatever. Just take a second to be present and mindful, connect with your appetite, and eat if you’re truly hungry. Really enjoy your food. Super simple, and saves you on some calories.

Happy HALTing! 😉



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