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Getting good quality rest is a major part of maintaining a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle. Sleep is restorative, sure, but it’s also responsible for optimal memory and learning functions, supporting a healthy metabolism and weight, keeping your cardiovascular system in check, and stabilizing your mood. Unfortunately for many of us, the 21st-century technology we love has put a major damper on sleep quality. From late-night games of Candy Crush, to routinely falling asleep with a glowing laptop streaming Netflix nearby, exposure to nighttime light has a major impact on our circadian rhythm…and it’s one that’s not so nice!

For optimal sleep, experts recommend ditching all light-emitting electronics for at least an hour before bed. No TV, no computer, not even the lights from an alarm clock. Your cellphone shouldn’t even be in the same ROOM with you as you slumber! So what if you just HAVE to be on your computer before bed? {…guilty!} Consider the F.lux app your new BFF.

While, sure, you can always turn down your screen brightness to the lowest possible setting in the name of good sleep, it’s not just the brightness of your screen that matters–it’s also the color temperature. Blue light, which is what laptops and computer screens emit, screws with your sleep-wake cycle and causes your body to limit the production of melatonin. This is where F.lux comes in! Once installed, the F.lux app works by turning the typical, cool blue artificial light of your computer to a warm daylight hue, with brightness that corresponds to the time of day. As F.lux puts it, “During the day, computer screens look good—they’re designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the sun.” TOO TRUE. A F.lux-ed out display, however, uses lighting that responds to the time of day and your location: sunlight (the typical blue light you’re used to) during waking hours, and warm, indoor light after the sun has set. The result? Less “artificial” light and better sleep quality.

F.lux is totally free software that can be downloaded for both Mac and Windows computers HERE. You can also download it to your iPhone or iPad if you have a jail-broken device! It’s unobtrusive and simply runs in the background of your device, so there’s basically no reason to not give it a try! It’s the easiest sleep hack ever.

Sweet dreams!



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