Posture: super important, but often forgotten. Whether you’re standing or sitting, having proper alignment makes a huge difference in both how you look and feel.

Standing in a healthy position–aka maintaining the correct posture–is key for optimal body function. Poor posture is often responsible for chronic back and shoulder pain, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

Let’s talk sitting: In case you’ve been living under a rock, their are some major downfalls to prolonged sitting–neck problems, muscle degeneration, and poor circulation included. All of these can be mitigated by a few postural tweaks. Tweaks that will also strengthen your back, allows you to breathe easier, helps you to burn calories, and can thwart common aches and pains.

If health doesn’t concern you, perhaps vanity will: Pretty posture just LOOKS better.

When you stand up or sit up straight, you look pulled in, confident, and strong. You appear taller. Slimmer. Your boobs even look perkier! People fake entire before and after pictures just by changing their posture alone!

So yeah, better posture, better all around.

Three tips for getting aligned…

  1. Assume the position. Stand with your ears directly above your shoulders, then roll your shoulders back and down. {Here’s a great visual.} If you’re sitting, keep your neck and back similarly aligned. Sit up straight–don’t slouch. Attempt to keep your legs at a 90° angle to your body.
  2. Focus on length–hold your head high, pull your stomach muscles in, and RELAX. Though you’ll want to feel somewhat tight, nothing should be too firm or forced.
  3. Try a workout that focuses on maintaining or correcting alignment! Yoga, barre work, and Pilates are great places to start.

For more on the ins and outs of perfecting your posture, check out this infographic from Greatist!



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