Legs for days.

Abs. Butt. Arms. LEGS. If there’s one thing I know about training and changing, it’s legs. Obtaining long, perfectly-toned stems is a major process. You can’t just do squats and lunges–you have to do it ALL, working on burning fat, increasing flexibility, and building and defining muscle in order to achieve a picture-perfect pair. Lean, strong, shapely. Isn’t that really what we’re all going for?! If so, read on! These are the three exercises that have personally helped me to reshape my lower body.

  • Incline walking. For the four or five months leading up to my wedding in 2012, I incline walked religiously. 5 days a week, 20 – 40 minute sessions. I couldn’t run (read: I hadn’t learned to become efficient at it or enjoy it yet,) and I had read that incline walking was the next best thing in terms of improving your fitness level and torching calories. As the months went on, I built up from walking at a 2mph speed and 5 incline to 4mph speed and the highest possible incline. It was killer…my legs hadn’t ever looked so good. My thighs, which had always been my trouble spot for as long as I can remember, were strong, but slim–the perfect combination of slender and toned. They looked awesome in shorts and dresses. I credit incline walking with igniting the most dramatic changes in my lower body.
  • Barre. After re-shaping and slimming my thighs with incline walking, I turned to barre exercises for fine toning–muscle definition, length, and shaping. It worked! Ballet Beautiful DVDs, which I worked out to between 3 – 5 times per week, further leaned down my thighs and provided beautiful definition to the front, back, and sides of my legs. Inner thigh trouble? Do barre work, stat. I’m pretty positive that all of the barre videos I did are primarily responsible for uncovering my thigh gap.
  • Kayla Itsine’s resistance training circuits. Ever noticed how all of Kayla Itsine’s before and after girls have amazingly slim, toned, legs? It’s her freaking circuits! I mean, I hate step-ups with a passion, but damn. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. But it works. Kayla’s routines provide intensive full body work and you’re done in under half an hour. Just go to Instagram and check out the legs of the girls using the BBG hashtag…instant inspiration. Worth it!

Killer legs ahead!



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