A little peek at the creation of my 2014 vision board...
A little peek at the creation of my 2014 vision board…

I’m a big collage girl. Cutting things out of magazines–new handbags, cute boys, pastel cupcakes–has always been kind of my thing. I used to tape them over book covers, hang them in my lockers, and tack them up on the walls of my dorm room so I wouldn’t ever have a shortage of pretty things to look at.

Pinterest has kind of changed the game for collages with all of that digital content right at your fingertips, but there’s something special about crafting a real-life board of your own, and displaying that board somewhere you can see it every day.

I like to think of the vision board as the collage’s big sister…pretty, but powerful. Perfect for girl bosses and spirit junkies alike. Why?

-They’re super easy to make.

-They’re totally personal.

-They provide daily inspiration.

-They can help you realize your goals, dreams, & greatness!

So, how’s it work?!

The law of attraction.

The basic idea with the law of attraction is that you are personally responsible for what happens in your life based on what you attract into it. You’re using your subconscious mind. Positive thoughts? Positive actions, relationships, and interactions. People who believe in the law of attraction believe that what when choose to focus your energy on something, that energy will be multiplied, so focusing on love and gratitude will bring on more things to love and be grateful for. {Here is an awesome law of attraction primer for more on that, if you’re interested.} With a vision board, you focus your energy into finding appealing text and images that reflect what you want out of life–how you want to look, feel, and BE. You then build your board with intention, selecting just the right images from your complied materials and reflecting on what you want. When you’re done, place the vision board somewhere you can see it. If you’d like, you can set aside time each day, week, or month to review your board and affirm the things that you want. See it, select it, spotlight it, attract it. Get on it!

What you’ll need:

  • Magazines, photos, and/or text clippings.
  • Poster board or paper for a canvas
  • Glue stick(s)
  • Scissors

Pro-tips for creating a vision board of your own…

  1. Hit up a used book store to score magazines on the cheap. We went to Half Price Books, where I grabbed 10 magazines for $5. Since my board is going to be focused on health and wellness, I selected mostly health and fitness magazines with a fashion mag or two thrown in for good measure.
  2. See something appealing? Rip out the entire page. You can never have too much inspiration to draw from, and you can always trim down your images to fit your collage as you go.
  3. Go with your gut and don’t worry about being too specific. Your vision board doesn’t need to have any sort of unifying theme unless you want it to! Look for words and images that resonate with you. Selecting these images that provoke a soul reaction is just as important as creating something beautiful.
  4. Try it out before you glue it down. A little planning goes a long way. Once you glue, you’re pretty much committed.
  5. Put it somewhere you can see it. Desk? Bedside table? Closet? Go for it. Make checking in easy! You don’t have to hang your board on your bedroom wall for it to be effective, but placing it somewhere where you spend a lot of time can help you attract and manifest the things you’ve featured on it.

Create. Cultivate. Live inspired.



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