Effortless ways to up your grooming game.
Effortless ways to up your grooming game.

White winter days always leave me feeling a bit blah. The climate, the scenery, and the lovely cold germs that seem to be constantly circulating all combine to create a not-so-cute visage.  Personally, I can pretty quickly reach a state that’s less “holiday hunny” and more “holiday hot mess”. No thanks! Thankfully, a little TLC and attention to grooming can make a huge difference in not only how I look, but also how I feel. Want in? Here are three insanely easy, inexpensive ways to look and feel polished any time of the year!

1. Paint your nails.

It’s all in the details, and perfectly-polished digits definitely qualify as detail work. Well-maintained hands and nails just look best. I love dark, moody shades for fall, greige, browns, and neutrals for winter, and whites and pastels for summer. No rules, though! Whether you opt for classic Ballet Slippers pink or are more of an edgy, inky girl, well-dressed nails will make a major impact on your overall polish factor. Worried about chips? Consider a clear coat your BFF.

2. Shape your brows.

Brows have been having a major moment for at least the last 12 months, and with good reason–a little brow grooming goes a LONG way. The best way to instant brow gorgeousness is to head to a professional for a wax. Expect to spend between $14 – 30-totally-worth-it dollars for a custom shaping job, expertly designed to flatter your face. Can’t make it into a pro? Pinterest that ish! There are a TON of tutorials dealing with shaping, styling, and filling in your brows. Check out these pins from Makeup and Macaroons and Beauty.com to jumpstart your killer brow game.

3. Get a blow-out.

Let’s be honest–a good hair day is a good life day. While you’re probably totally proficient at styling your own mane, sometimes going in for a little pampering is just what the doctor ordered. With blow-dry bars popping up nationwide, all you need is an hour and $40 to get professionally coifed and styled. Pretty hair instantly increases self-confidence and makes your entire ensemble look better–even if you’re wearing sweats. Way simple, super satisfying.

Look great, feel great.



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