13 down, 15 to go! I’m now officially almost half way through barre3’s 28 to Great challenge, so I thought it was about time I posted a little update.

Out of the 12 scheduled barre workouts, I’ve completed 10. I missed last Wednesday’s 60-minute workout because I was just. too. tired. from flying to Denver at 3:30am and battling a cold, and I missed this Wednesday’s because, well, I just didn’t make it a priority. We spent the entire day driving back home, and by the time we made it in, squeezing in an hour’s workout was basically the last thing I wanted to do! Saturdays are my official barre3 rest days, however, so I may actually do this Wednesday’s workout tomorrow…if I feel like it. I did manage to complete all four of the scheduled 30-minute cardio sessions, though!

Other than missing those two workouts, the challenge has been going pretty well, and I attribute that to my actually looking forward to completing the workouts. One of my favorite things about barre3 is how totally portable it is–I had no trouble sticking to the schedule or doing the workouts in my hotel room, and since the 28 to Great kit came with a 15-day online subscription, I didn’t need to worry about finding a DVD player to get in a session…I simply followed the schedule and selected videos from the online library that fit within the recommended guidelines! A few of the videos are even prop-free, so you don’t need anything other than your body to complete them. If you’re a frequent traveler, this is an excellent way to stay fit.

While I’ve been pretty much rocking it workout-wise, nutrition has been another story entirely. As I touched on in my first post about 28 to Great, there’s also a suggested meal plan for challengers that includes little to no sugar, no processed foods, and emphasizes lots of fresh, healthy cuisine. In the last week and a half, I’ve had hot chocolate with whip twice, frozen yogurt three times, far too much Diet Coke, and pizza–which I hadn’t had in months–three times. Oops oops! Blame it on vacation mentality! Seriously though–no regrets there. I also had tons of salads and ate fresh fruit daily, so all’s not lost. YOLO, right?

Overall, I’m really loving this challenge! I felt stronger, leaner, and more “pulled-in” within the first week, and even with my less-than-clean eating and hectic travel schedule, I haven’t gained any weight. I’m also a lot less sore than I thought I’d be, which is definitely a plus! I’m going to try extra hard to crack down on my clean eating and follow the meal plan counting down to Christmas and my birthday the final two weeks of the plan, but it’s awesome to know that I’m going to see results even without perfection.

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