image My favorite fragrances have always evoked warm, sultry vibes. At my best, I like to apply perfume and feel like an island princess–tan, glistening, sweet, but a little spicy. If the fragrance uses natural essences and isn’t tested on animals, that’s just a gigantic bonus. Enter my latest obsession: Lucy B Tiare Coconut Roll-On Perfume oil, a one-way ticket to sultry island princess dreams.

Lucy B is an Australia-inspired company that bills itself as “the natural Australian alchemy of beauty and healing.” Bomb, right? The packaging of my tiare coconut roll-on ensured that the product had been infused with “confidence-enhancing Australian flower essences”. I mean, magical Australian outback powers aside, this makes sense on the most basic possible level–if you smell great, you tend to radiate confidence.

The tiare coconut blend I’m loving is super complex and yummy. It features tiare flower and coconut (obviously,) but also has middle notes of magnolia and champaca and bottom notes of amber and vanilla blossom. The result? Yum. Like a spicy, vacation-y, sultry yum. Not too sweet, not too floral, and really not very coconut-y at all. If anything, my nose registers the coconut as it does tanning oil. SO good.

The roll-on deal is awesome, too. It makes the fragrance ultra-transportable. It fits into literally even the tiniest purse or pocket, and it’s itty-bitty size means it’s totally TSA approved and travel friendly. Oh, and even though it’s tiny, it still packs a major punch in terms of scent and staying power since the flower essences are set entirely in oil. Of course, for diehard classic perfume fans, Lucy B also offers Tiare Coconut and a host of other yummy-sounding fragrances in Eau de Parfum form as well. But really–try the roll-on. It’s amazing.

SHOP: Tiare Coconut Roll-On Perfume, $19 @Lucy B Cosmetics


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