You win every time, cupcakes.
You win every time, cupcakes.

Holiday eating can be…different. We’re faced with traditional treats, special seasonal items, and holiday parties galore–a tricky scenario for the health-conscious babe. Want to get through the season eating well with your waistline intact? Simple: eat what you like, ditch what you don’t.

When you focus on eating ONLY things you truly enjoy and look forward to, eating becomes effortless and delicious. The application is easy, too–pick things that excite you (for me, this is salad, lefse with butter and sugar, and Swedish meatballs ) and skip out on things you’re “meh” about (like pie, bread, and sugar cookies for me). You get to enjoy all of your favorites and you won’t feel deprived.

Of course, this tip isn’t holiday-season specific! You can totally implement it year round. Vary the intensity by eating only things you absolutely LOVE, focusing on a diet that’s comprised of loves and likes, or only applying the trick to your treats.

Don’t love it? Don’t eat it! It’s that easy.



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