Meditation. Mind-body connection. It’s something we should all be doing, but getting started can be a little tricky.

I mean, personally, sitting on a pillow in the dark for 45 minutes isn’t exactly how I’d prioritize my time.

Meditation, however, can soothe stress, calm nerves, and help you center yourself, all of which are helpful for dealing with life’s chaos and creating an amazing, healthy, body and mind.

I don’t consider myself a “typical” meditator, though. I like yoga, but I don’t consider myself a yogi. If I book a yoga class, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be one in a very hot room, focuses on sculpting, and probably involves weights. My idea of achieving a mind-body connection is reaching my edge and pushing past it–whether that’s getting through an exceptionally difficult run, or truly indulging in the break provided in the last five minutes of class spent in savasanah. Those moments are meditative for me. My mind is calmed, I’m soothed, and after I finish, I feel incredibly strong and capable. Think you can’t meditate? Think again! Here are my favorite tips for mastering meditation–real girl style.

Get outside. Instead of attempting to completely clear your mind, change the scenery and focus on that. Whether you find yourself in a field, in front of water, or just out on the lawn, breathing in fresh air and focusing only on the things around you is sure to calm your mind. Too cold? No worries–sitting in front of a window in a snowstorm is absolutely beautiful, and totally mesmerizing.

Light some candles. Not only is this super aesthetically pleasing and soothing, but focusin. Not only is this super aesthetically pleasing and soothing, but focusing in on the flame of one candle can hold your attention. It’s much easier to dismiss a racing mind when you have something external to concentrate on. Let your thoughts flow by, release them, and focus on the light. TSB pro tip: do this in the bath for extra relaxation and pampering!

Visualize. There’s a reason health coaches and wellness experts everywhere endorse visualization: it’s incredibly powerful! It’s simple and can be performed anywhere. All you do is picture a gorgeous setting in your mind, and focus in on that scene. From there, you simply let your mind wander, embellishing and transforming the vision as you go.

Focus on the present moment. Though this tip skews more toward mindfulness than true meditation, making a conscious effort to live in the present moment, even if you can only do so for five minutes at a time, can be soothing and centering. Instead of checking your phone, planning your weekly workouts, or trying to decide on dinner, really hone in on your senses and focus on what is going on around you. What do you see and hear? What’s the weather like? How’s your breathing? Look up! Do this whenever you’re feeling a need to be grounded.

What are your favorite ways to stay centered?



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