Yep, pretty much. {Source}
Yep, pretty much. {Source}

See ya next year, Thanksgiving! The nation’s focus has officially shifted from eating to shopping. Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Feels good, right? I loveee this time of year. What I don’t love, though, is the post-turkey day slump. You know what I mean–you stuff yourself on Thursday, munch on leftovers on Friday, and by the weekend, you’re just like F-it, it’s the holidays, lemme eat all the food and resume my workout routine on January 1st. While that may be a (teeny, tiny) bit dramatic, there are definitely things that you should not be doing now that T-day 2014 is in the books. Here are five.

1. Weigh yourself. It’s mostly water and food weight, anyway. I did this for funsies and gained 5lbs though! So, there’s that.

2. Try on a bikini. No, just no.

3. Take progress photos. Because what progress?! Jk, but if you went HAM on Thanksgiving, expect your abs to be in hiding for a few days. No worries, they’ll be back soon, especially if you keep up your momentum at the gym.

4. Shop for jeans. Yay, deals! But boo, trying things on while bloated! Who needs jeans anyway? I mean, if you can’t do it in yoga pants, do you really want to do it at all?

5. Continue to gorge on leftovers and pie like a crazy person OR starve yourself silly. Neither of these things is the answer. Balance, yo.

Want to know what you SHOULD be doing? Check out my favorite suggestions for looking and feeling awesome post-Thanksgiving, below.

Give yourself a little TLC, maybe hit the mall and burn cash and calories, and enjoy your long weekend off. You’ve earned it!



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