Importance of Rest Days

Hey guys! Longtime no write! I mean, not actually–it’s been two days–but two days can feel like forever. I spent this weekend being ultra lazy. Why? Because I felt like I was on the verge of getting sick. Since I have no plans of being sick over the holiday weekend, I spent THIS weekend doing zero workouts, watching lots of movies, spending many hours in  a onesie and slippers. I feel much, much better today, but to be honest, it was actually pretty difficult for me to completely unplug and commit to a workout-free Saturday and Sunday. I mean, I felt…blah. I wasn’t dying. I wasn’t puking. I had sinus pressure and a cold symptoms that warranted a couple of doses of Vicks Nature Fusion. That’s it. But, I also felt really warn. And instead of taking it easy, I decided to completely take it off.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Rest days are super important! After developing a routine that works for you, and becoming dedicated to your fitness goals, taking a break can be weirdly daunting. It’s like, you don’t want to skip a workout and go crazy! After all, one skipped session can lead to two, which can lead to a week, which can lead to losing ALL of your progress EVER, right? Been there. But guess what–that won’t happen. Rest days are actually key! Why? Well…

  • Rest days give your muscles a chance to repair and your body a chance to recuperate.
  • They decrease the risk of injury.
  • They aid your immune system {super important for this time of year when bugs seem to be going around!}
  • They help to prevent overtraining.
  • They help you push past plateaus.
  • They help you recharge…typically making your next workout WAY better. {Case in point: I ran 10 miles today. I’ve never run 10 miles before. Ever.}

So, what to do on a rest day? Keep things low-key! If the idea of slipping a workout entirely freaks you out, opt for something low-impact and soothing, like a gentle yoga flow or a long walk. Otherwise, just enjoy your day off! If you’re concerned about impacting any weight loss progress, keep your rest day meals super clean. Notice that I’m not advocating restriction here–just mindfulness. Since you’re burning fewer calories on rest days, it truly makes sense to eat to your body’s needs. On rest days, eat well, hydrate, and things will be good. Easy! How often should you aim rest up? Listen to your body and go from there. Seriously.

Go ahead and rest up a day or two this holiday weekend–you’ve earned it!



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