This is how they do it.
This is how they do it.

The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is only 20 days away! 20! Less than three weeks! From Instagram to interviews, the current crop of VS angels doesn’t  shy away from showing how much work goes into obtaining a super-tight body. Gym selfies, anyone?! It’s no secret that their insane physiques–while obviously genetically blessed, no doubt–are earned. Around fashion show time? The angles are in serious overdrive. While we normies may not look like them (yet!) we can always work out like them! Here are a few VS-approved modalities to get you extra inspired. #TrainLikeAnAngel

  • Boxing. Angels all-star Adriana Lima credits her runway-ready body to vigorous boxing and bootcamp workouts. While the brunette mom of two routinely boxes for 90 minutes multiple times a week at AEROSPACE in NYC, she is famously hardcore when it comes to her pre-show prep. Boxing is total-body and badass–find a class in your area or check out a video on YouTube. Want a little extra Lima in your life? Steal her top tip: jumping rope! Seriously. The do-anywhere workout is awesome for increasing cardiovascular fitness, improving muscle tone in the lower body, and torching calories.
  • Ballet Beautiful. VS darlings Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, and Candice Swanepoel all swear by Mary Helen Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful program. I do too! BB is for you if you’re looking for a workout that’s the perfect balance of graceful and athletic. Deceptively difficult, a few sessions of Ballet Beautiful each week will change your body at warp speed. Training options abound! Take classes from ballet beauty Mary Helen herself in NYC, purchase one of her four DVDs, pick up a copy of her book, or opt for an online membership with access to a streaming library of workouts. Long, strong, and lean? Sold.
  • HIIT. High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is another VS favorite–Erin Heatherton, Irina Shayk, and Alessandra Ambrosio are all fans. These high-impact workouts focus on coupling bursts of max-exertion, all-out power with periods of rest or lower intensity. HIIT is all-around awesome: it burns fat, quickly builds up strength and endurance, and enhances aerobic capacity. Another bonus? Afterburn. Oh, and it’s FAST. 30 minutes, max, is all you need. This Pinterest board features over 100 links to HIIT-style workouts if you’re looking to add to your routine!

Craving more sporty secrets and workout ideas? Check out the #trainlikeanangel section of the VS website!

Earn those wings! 😉



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