It’s been snowing here, so I pretty much consider fall totally done. Winter is okay I guess…Except when it isn’t. Winter weight gain, for example? The WORST. You know the deal–as the temperatures drop, all of the work you put in for bikini season just washes away faster than you can say “gingerbread man” and before you know it, you’re forced into perpetually rocking yoga pants because your favorite jeans don’t fit. Not this season, though! Check out my list of common diet/weight saboteurs and solutions below…especially-slender season guaranteed!

Culprit: Darker days…that make you want to be lazy and eat more.

The solution: Get yourself a SAD light! Dark mornings and longer, darker evenings aren’t generally anyone’s favorite part of the season. Staying in bed, and then in sweats, just becomes SO appealing. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, it’s an even bigger bummer: this lack-of-light can wreak  havoc with your mood and general sense of wellbeing. This is why you need a SAD light/light box/el sol! Trust me. You’ll be energized, more productive, and feel healthier. It just makes everything better.

Culprit: Nostalgia and comfort food.

Solution: Indulge guilt-free on actual holidays, but keep the comfort food out of your house. No one is saying that you should deprive yourself of stuffing or pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but indulging all season long and keeping decadent food in your house to munch on at will is another story entirely. Plan your treats, enjoy your favorites, and keep the junk out of the house! You can have it all, just not all at once 😉

Culprit: Cold weather and poor conditions make working out a chore (or impossible!)

Solution: Take your workout indoors. Seems pretty obvious, right? Start using your gym membership or signing up for group classes! On a budget? Working out from home has never been easier! Make an exercise playlist on YouTube, check out fitness apps, or download yoga podcasts and get your sweat on from the comfort of your bedroom. Need some extra motivation? Join a winter challenge group like Tone It Up’s #holidayhunnies or the Sweat Guru/Run to the Finish #holidaysweat challenge! Screw snow. You’ve got this.

Culprit: Zero need to be bikini-ready.

Solution: Buy a new bikini. Or grab the one you wore last summer. Get your favorite pair of shorts out. Try everything on. Like how things are looking? Good! You’ve been keeping on track–keep that up! If you DON’T like how you look in your summer outfits, however, you now have the ultimate motivation to shape up. Take a before picture and get in the gym! If you start now, you’ll have a major head start on the new year’s resolution crowd AND on the road to a killer bikini body.



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