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I love fitness. I love health. I love a good run. I also love…my hair. You too? If so, you probably already know that being an active girl comes with a unique set of hair challenges. Though we face sweat, breakage, and ruined styles, a fit, active life and pretty, healthy hair do not have to be mutually exclusive! Here are my top five tips for caring for and styling your hair post gym…consider it the fit girl’s guide to hot and healthy hair!

  1. Keep it down…or at the very least, use hair-friendly ties. First things first–healthy hair is hot hair. Not-so-fun fact: Traditional hair ties, when used frequently, do terrible things to your hair. If you’re a daily gym goer with a penchant for ponytails, you’ve probably been putting a lot of unwanted, repeated stress on your mane! This can lead to hair loss and breakage, neither of which are cute! If you can stand it, wear your hair DOWN as much as possible. Can’t cope with your hair everywhere while you work out? Invest in Scrunchies or ribbon-style ties and wear your hair loose. Less tension, less damage.
  2. Change up your style. Hair won’t stay straight and sleek through spin class? Embrace it! Put some styling cream or leave-in spray on before braiding or putting your hair into a bun pre-workout. When you’re done, take it down and BOOM, you’ve got beach waves.
  3. Invest in cute headbands. Not only do sporty hairbands keep your locks out of your face, but they also majorly control sweat from ruining your ‘do. The wider, the better. I love the designs from True North Collection!
  4. Consider your schedule and consider your workout. Work out early in the morning before you do your hair for the day, or at night after you’ve conquered your daily to-do list and you won’t have to worry about your workout’s impact on your hair style. Similarly, if you can’t adjust your schedule, opt for a lower-impact workout like Pilates, yoga, or barre instead of running or HIIT.
  5. When in doubt, dry shampoo. You probably don’t need to shampoo every day, and you definitely don’t need to shampoo after every work out! Dry shampoo is your post-gym BFF. It tames oil, moisture, and build-up while also smoothing and perfecting your strands! It also smells awesome and offers an instant way to feel fresh, even when you’re crunched for time.

How do you keep your hair looking and feeling great?


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