In your bowl, on your face. Whatever works.
In your bowl, on your face. Whatever works.

I nabbed this tip from an article on Into The Gloss by actress Piper Perabo–in which she also spills her love for salmon for breakfast, detox baths, and chlorophyll water–and absolutely fell in LOVE. It’s a super simple, inexpensive facial treatment that’s all-natural AND yields amazing results. I mean, does it even get better than that? Nope. Plus, with colder weather coming, it’s the perfect time to give your skin a little TLC. All you need?

Plain Greek yogurt.

Perabo specifies Fage 0% in the piece linked above, but really, any plain, cold, Greek yogurt will do. Simply scoop the yogurt out of the fridge and apply an even layer onto your face. Let your mask set for ~10 minutes, or until you feel compelled to rinse. Rinse with cool water. Pat dry.

The Greek yogurt facial is super hydrating, and Piper claims that the lactic acid present in the yogurt “just gently takes the finest layer of skin down.” Um, love! It also calms breakouts and reduces redness. Result: A moisturized, glowy, fresh face. Just another reason to add Greek yogurt to your grocery list 😉



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