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Note: What follows is the second half of my experience with the Wild Rose D-Tox. To see part one in the series and to learn more about the cleanse, click HERE. For part two, the first half of my experience, click HERE.

Day 7: I cheated last night!! I had one tiny bite of a Starbucks birthday cakepop. It tasted so crazy sweet that it made my head hurt! Like, don’t get me wrong, it was damn good, but whoa. I also had a REALLY intense craving for Caesar salad around lunch (like so much so that I wrote a now-deleted paragraph about it…) but I fought it off and stayed “clean”. Other than that, today was pretty normal and easy to get through. Sugar isn’t tempting me now–salt is. Down another half pound, making my total 5lbs!

Day 8: I’ve lasted a week and now I just want this all to be over. Sugar is whatever to me now–which is awesome since that’s the whole reason I did this cleanse in the first place–but I’m really missing being able to eat salad with actual dressing and normal dips and sauces. Otherwise though, today was easy. I have energy, I feel good, and my skin isn’t freaking out. And I will say this: it is INSANE what a week of super-clean eating can do for your body. I look and feel tighter and leaner than I have since the prime weeks of summer, at least. This all being said, today was definitely a “hungry” day for me. Actually no, more like insatiable. I am STUFFED.

Day 9: I woke up foggy today. I don’t think it’s the cleanse, though–I think it was all of the food I ate last night! This will be the first time in the history of my cleanse that I actually gained weight (I’m up a pound and half thanks to my late-night overindulgence), which is a definite bummer. I blame my cleanse partner for insisting we stock the house with cleanse-approved treats–I’ve been grazing and gorging, which is a bad bad habit that I haven’t quite tackled. Otherwise, today was normal.

Day 10: I woke up tired and hungry today! I like to do fasted cardio most mornings, but this morning that just was not happening. I had a big bowl of oats, blueberries, and cashews for breakfast before setting out on a 20-minute jog. I kinda can’t believe this is almost over! I spent time today thinking about what life post-detox is going to look like–what habits I’ll adopt, how I’ll choose to indulge…Speaking of indulging, tonight at the grocery store, I stumbled across pre-made, edible cookie dough though, and I definitely cheated and had an XL spoon of that. Zero regrets. Two more days!

Day 11: Day 11! Only one more day to go! Though I can pretty much guarantee that these last two days will not be perfect and cleanse approved because of the pint of edible cookie dough currently sitting in my fridge. On the bright side, I’m back down in weight today, bringing my total weight loss back to 4.4lbs in the past 11 days. While I love the weight loss stuff, and how awesome this detox has made me feel, there’s really no way I could be THIS strict with my diet 24/7. I’m looking forward to having cheese this weekend!

Day 12: Okay, I’m calling it–after a healthy, cleanse-approved breakfast, I’m ending this detox two meals early! 12 days is just TOO long for me. I think I’m more cut out for cleanses lasting between 3-5 days…maybe a maximum of 7! I’ll still be taking the supplements, and finishing off the dreadful liquid herbal drops, but I won’t be following the meal plan to a tee for the rest of the day, and I’m okay with that. The first thing I’m diving into? An apple with PEANUT BUTTER. Almond butter is a lot of things, but it is not and never will be, peanut butter.

So…what did I get out of this cleanse?

  • I really DID reset my tastes. This was my number one goal all cleanse long–to change my eating habits and quell my sugar cravings. It worked! Healthy food has become wholly more appealing, and starchy, sugary food, for the most part, just seems ‘meh’ to me now.
  • I lost 4lbs. Pretty self-explanatory, pretty awesome. Happy to be back at my peak-of-summer weight!
  • I saw my body change. Cutting out sugar and flour? Hello, definition!
  • I feel awesome. I really do! I feel fresh, healthy, and (duh) cleansed. And I want that feeling to stick around, which brings me to my next point…
  • I reevaluated my diet. Since I feel so great, I want to adopt some of the cleanse strategies long-term!  I’m really going to work on being mindful about keeping sugar and flour consumption to a minimum, which means watching ingredient lists and continuing to snub processed foods. I also want to continue eating at home more, and to keep the majority of my diet fresh, whole foods–just not as restrictive as the food list on the cleanse.

Would I do it again? For sure! Juuust not anytime soon.

That’s a wrap!



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