the cookie dough cafe review

Confession: I cheated on my detox yesterday. Confession number two: it was TOTALLY worth it. Why? If you follow me on Instagram, you already know…THE COOKIE DOUGH CAFE! That’s gourmet edible cookie dough.

Let me repeat myself.

Gourmet. Edible. Cookie Dough.

If you’re thinking, “uh, isn’t ALL cookie dough edible?” the answer to that is NO. Well, it’s technically yes I suppose, but stay with me. The Cookie Dough Café‘s dough was created specifically for consuming raw. Unbaked. In the best possible state. This genius-beyond-genius new dessert was dreamed up by two sisters with a love for food and fashion, so not only does their product TASTE beyond amazing (OMGsogood), but their packaging is super chic and stylish as well.

The Cookie Dough Café sells four varieties of their edible cookie dough: chocolate chip, cookies and cream, monster, and a chocolate-chip-sans-chips blend called “naked dough”. Their ingredient lists are legit, too–their dough contains no hydrogenated oils, added preservatives, artificial flavors, or trans fats. They DO contain sugar, butter, and real chocolate chips, AKA everything that makes cookie dough taste amazing.

When I saw The Cookie Dough Café girls on a recent replay of Shark Tank, I KNEW I had to get my hands on their product, and when I saw the jars of their cookie dough at my local grocery store, I almost died. I have zero regrets about cheating on my cleanse to have one (heaping, gigantic) spoonful of this stuff. Need to try it for yourself? Spoiler alert: you totally do. Check out their website for a list of retailers near you! Cookie dough with zero preparation and zero stomach aches?! Definitely my jam.

There has never been a better reason to treat yourself!



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