I Love the Sun SAD Lamp

I am a major proponent of the sun lamp.

My first encounter with a high-power, super-bright SAD lamp was in middle school: our Spanish teacher had had our windowless classroom specially equipped with a professional-grade lamp, that we all (semi-)affectionately referred to as “el sol”. As in, the sun. As in “no, señora! Don’t turn on el sol!” It’s been a decade since middle school Spanish, and it took me almost as long to realize the undeniable mood benefits that the sun typically bestows upon on me. Know what we don’t get enough of in cooler months? SUN. Boo. In short, el sol, or “light boxes” as they’re generally referred to as, help bridge the seasonal sunlight gap, and are awesome.

So, what’s the difference between simply staring turning all of the lights on in your house and utilizing el sol? For starters, light boxes are BRIGHT. They’re designed to mimic natural outdoor light, like the sun. This light has been shown to cause chemical changes in your brain that elevate mood, and can reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Sounds good, right?  Light therapy can also help you feel more energized and less irritable.

Whether you have SAD or not, light therapy can be incredibly beneficial. Basically, sitting in the same room as one of these lights for 15 minutes to an hour can help induce happy, stimulating, summer vibes no matter what season it is. While some see instant mood-improvement with light therapy, it typically takes between a few days and a couple of weeks to reap the aforementioned benefits. With daylight savings already in full swing (seriously–it feels like the sun started to set here at approximately 5pm OVERNIGHT) there’s no better time to try out a light box of your own. Intrigued? Get your shop on below!

SAD Light Display

Shop the story:

  1. NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp, $68.
  2. Verilux VT20WW HappyLight Liberty Natural Spectrum Lamp, $100
  3. Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device, $160
  4. Alaska Norther Lights North Star SAD Light Therapy Box, $300



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