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Note: What follows is the first half of my experience with the Wild Rose D-Tox. To see part one in the series and to learn more about the cleanse, click HERE

Day 1: the major, overarching theme for today? Holy crap do I miss sugar. The second, though, might be holy crap these liquid drops are disgusting. By the time of my second dosage, I wised up and put the drops into a mixture of lemon juice and water (HEAVY on the lemon juice) which made them palatable, but barely. Shudder. Food-wise, I accidentally had a little cheese at breakfast in my eggs, but other than that, no slip-ups. Since I usually tend to limit my grain and wheat intake, the brown rice I have with dinner coupled with the oats and fresh berries I enjoyed as “dessert” made me feel thanksgiving-status full. It was uncomfortable and unfamiliar, and honestly, kind of made me nervous! I also had a low-grade headache for the majority of the afternoon–not so fun!

Day 2: I got great sleep! I also woke up and still felt full–brown rice is no joke. The second day of any cleanse is always easier than the first (at least for me!) and this morning, though I felt a little down about not being able to indulge in anything floury or sugary, I felt fine and totally capable. In control. It was a nice feeling. I also discovered I was down half a pound, which I’ll totally take. As the day continued, I felt less hungry than usual and my energy levels were good enough to support a three-mile run. I began to CURSE the cleanse, though, when we decided to go to Six Flags for the afternoon. No mini donuts, funnel cake, Dole Whip?! Kill me now. I mentally prepared myself to deal with not being able to have a taste of my favorite ultra-naughty treats and we headed out. Upon arrival to Six Flags, however, we found that it was only open on weekends during the off season. Too bad, so sad. I had to go to the outlet mall to console myself 😉 Dinner was an experimental chicken-sweet potato-brown rice stir fry, sans soy sauce or sriracha. It was AMAZING! I’d totally eat it again, even when not cleansing.

Day 3: Not gonna lie–I wanted to eat before going to bed last night. Just because. I just wanted SOMETHING before falling asleep. Wild Rose doesn’t put any limitations on how much you can eat, but I’m personally trying to kick my night eating habit, so I didn’t want to gorge on almonds and raspberries or whatever right before bed. Instead, I drank some water and went to sleep, crisis averted. On the actual third day of the detox, I woke up feeling super slender and fresh, if not a little hungry. Down another pound. For breakfast, I had a honeycrisp apple sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice and a dollop of almond butter. It’s crazy how sweet fruit actually tastes when you aren’t eating sugar! I love it! I worked out today, but it was HARD. I felt much more tired than I usually do, and only managed 25 minutes of treadmill time in which I took hula hoop breaks every half mile like a freak. I also felt pretty light-headed after working out, so I made myself a BIG snack this afternoon.

Day 4: While day three wasn’t too much of a struggle for me, the same couldn’t be said for my partner Alex. He ended up having a salad with balsamic vinegar for dinner (not allowed), washed down with a few vodka waters (not allowed), and chased all of that with a cheeseburger on a white bun with ketchup when he got home (not allowed, not allowed, NOT allowed). He tried to tempt me into going to McDonald’s, eating grilled cheese, or having some of his burger, but I stayed strong, partially because the cleanse wasn’t free, partially because I had heard horror stories about deviating from the cleanse diet  while taking the herbal supplements, and partially because I’m really enjoying my results so far! Definite personal win right there. Anyway, even though I didn’t cave yesterday, I woke up feeling a little groggy, lazy, and lightheaded, so I just hung out in bed for a good half hour before actually getting up and living my life. I had lots of energy, so I cranked out 3.5 miles on the treadmill. Then, I began  to seriously crave a cup/can/IV of Diet Coke. We don’t typically keep it in the house, but I definitely enjoy a glass from time to time, and right now I would REALLY like to have one. I thought about having sushi for dinner, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fully enjoy the experience WITHOUT Diet Coke, so that shows you how far gone I am. PS–I’m down another half pound!

Day 5: I ate after dinner last night, which, as I mentioned a few days ago, isn’t prohibited by Wild Rose, but goes against my own personal no-night-eating goal. In my defense, I had a cup of blueberries and some raw almonds, when I typically would have gone for cheese, cinnamon sugar toast, or an indecently large serving of peanut butter. I realized then just how much I miss these foods, but ALSO (and probably more importantly) that my willpower has actually become pretty strong. I mean, just because I’m doing the cleanse does not mean that our condo has been cleared of bread, cheese, or peanut butter…I’ve just effectively learned to ignore it. That’s a skill. Besides, I don’t NEED it anyway! Here’s a 180 though: this morning, I woke up rather grumpy after being informed that Alex had lost 4 pounds. I mean, he cheats on the diet plan DAILY, but he’s still losing weight like it’s no big deal. I haven’t cheated once! Grr. The annoyance, however, subsides after discovering that I’m down another half pound. Not so awesome: My skin has been freaking out (ick) and I sorta feel like I’m getting a cold. I was about to pick up sushi for dinner from Whole Foods, sans soy sauce, pickled ginger (fermented foods are a no-go), and my beloved can of Diet Coke, when I checked out the label and saw that ALL of their sushi offerings contained sugar. Sugar in SUSHI? Wtf! Around the time How To Get Away With Murder started, my sugar/salt/generally-not-allowed food cravings kicked in intensely. From marshmallows to French fries to cheeseburgers to red velvet cake, I wanted it–BAD. So bad. Ugh, it was terrible.

Day 6: Do you ever have days where you wake up and kind of hate life? I usually don’t, but today definitely started in that manner. It’s Halloween and I know that, because of the cleanse, I’m not allowed a single piece of candy or sugar-filled pumpkin drink and it’s making me a little crazed. I’m definitely feeling deprived, and that’s making me feel sorry for myself. Not the best AM combo! Oh, and I looked out the window and it was SNOWING. I’m not ready for this. On the bright side, the weight loss has continued and I’m down another few ounces, putting me roughly at my summer, bikini-ready weight. I approve. Though it’s early afternoon and I haven’t completely finished day 6, I’ll sign off here in favor of getting this post up at a reasonable hour!

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Let’s talk pros and cons…

Cleanse Pros:

It’s not as mentally or monetarily draining as a juice cleanse. Though my food choices are restricted, having the ability to chew and to taste myriad of flavors while cleansing makes this detox feel a lot more doable than a juice cleanse does. I like being able to actually eat.

It forces you to get comfortable and creative in the kitchen. I’ll be real with you–my favorite thing to make is a reservation. This being said, the Wild Rose D-Tox seriously encourages cooking and food prep. We haven’t gone out for dinner or ordered takeout once in the last six days and I’ve been loving it! I sorta forgot that homemade food could taste this good!

It offered physical results almost immediately. I lost weight literally after the first day of detoxing, and after six days, I’m down 4.5lbs. While I know that this is water weight, it still feels really good to get rid of bloat and see the number on the scale move downwards. My appearance changed almost immediately, too, with my muscle tone becoming more visible. You know that saying “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”? I’ve definitely found that to be true this week!

Cleanse Cons:

Random breakouts. On days 4 and 5, I began to notice my skin going generally bonkers. I have pretty clear skin typically, so these rogue breakouts royally pissed me off. #healingcrisis

Dining out and/or ordering takeout is tricky. As you may have gathered from my sushi debacle on day five, eating food that you haven’t specifically prepared yourself while on this cleanse is rather difficult/borderline awful. So many prepared foods contain non-Wild Rose approved ingredients that it makes dining out, or even grabbing a pre-made snack like a Lara Bar, real challenge. It helps to focus on eating whole foods that require little preparation, but not having the option to dine out can be kind of sucky.

It’s freaking LONG. While three-day juice cleanses may seem monotonous, they, unlike this detox, are ONLY THREE DAYS. Wild Rose is literally for times as long, and thinking about that makes me insane, especially since I’m only at the halfway point. 12 days has never felt longer.

…so that pretty much covers the first half of my Wild Rose experience! While it’s been a little rough, I haven’t cheated and I’ve been loving the results so far. Look out for another check-in chronicling the second half of my cleanse in the next couple of weeks, assuming I make it that far!



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    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Longest 12 days of my life, haha! I think if you skip a day or two of using the pills, you’re probably fine as long as you still stick to the diet. 🙂

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