Can you guys believe it’s Halloween tomorrow? I can’t–mostly because it means that Saturday will be NOVEMBER. Like, that happened really quickly. Also, tomorrow marks the halfway point of my Wild Rose D-Tox, so a holiday centered around candy (and alcohol) isn’t exactly the best timed at the moment. If you’re not cleansing though, and want to enjoy some of the amazingness that is Halloween candy, here’s my go-to trick for doing just that.

I’m one of those weird people with a slight obsession with frozen food. Like, I hold the belief that almost everything is better chilled. One of my favorite frozen treats (besides the obvious insert-heart-eyed-emoji-here froyo) happens to be frozen candies. My all time live-for-it indulgence? Frozen Crispy M&Ms–the kind that, until they’re set to reappear stateside next year, are only available if someone brings them back from Europe. Swoon. While we typically don’t keep sweets in the house, around Halloween and Valentine’s Day all bets are completely off. When I’m looking to indulge while also staying reasonably  on-track, I’m ALL about freezing my treats. So, I freeze my treats for a few reasons…

1. Slows down your eating. Um, brain freeze anyone?! That annoying occurrence aside, a serving of chilled candy generally takes longer to enjoy than its room-temperature counterpart. This is especially true for all of your chewy faves like Swedish Fish and gummi bears. In fact, sometimes I get so annoyed while eating frozen Swedish Fish that I stop after three. Definitely a plus for my healthy eating goals.

2. Portion control. Are you REALLY going to down a giant bag of M&Ms or a king-sized Butterfinger in one sitting if it’s frozen? No. You’ll break the Butterfinger in half for easy dining, and portion out the M&Ms like a civilized human, then shove the leftovers back into the fridge. Why? I don’t know. Freezing things just makes you want to do that.

3. Experience enhancement. Have you ever TRIED frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? Have you?! It’s like, easily 5x better than a normal one. The flavors are heightened and amazing and the chocolate doesn’t melt on your fingers. Of course, this doesn’t apply to ALL candy varieties (frozen Starbursts or Skittles? Eww.) but things like Twix, Butterfinger, and the aforementioned Resse’s Cups reach next-level deliciousness when frozen, trust.

Remember to drink lots of water and to be extra nice to your body the day after to wash away that candy hangover and you’re totally good to go!

Happy Halloween!



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