I’ll be honest–when it comes to yoga pants/tights/leggings, I’m a bit of a snob. For a long time, I was convinced that once you go Lululemon, you never go back. I was obsessed with the fit, the quality, and the designs that everyone’s favorite Canadian import pumped out. After awhile though, the whole “everyone” part of the equation started to bother me – the last thing I wanted to be was a lulu-lemming. I branched out and tried crops from various high-end and semi-luxe sport brands like VSX, Nike, Beyond Yoga, and Lorna Jane, convinced that if I wasn’t going to don Lulu, I would at LEAST have to go the luxury yoga route for the style and quality I craved. Wrong! A random trip to TJ Maxx introduced me to my favorite-ever inexpensive activewear brand: RBX. Naturally, I’m obsessed.

RBX is an ultra-stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, INEXPENSIVE workout apparel line. They offer colorful, on-trend, on-budget pieces that I absolutely love–think galaxy-inspired yoga tights for $17, sleek running half-zips for $20, and colorful sports bras for $12. I KNOW. You can find them at budget retailers including Target, Ross, Steinmart, and TJX co. stores. This, as I mentioned above, was my introduction to the brand. Their prices are so low that I didn’t feel bad about buying a pair of their electric pink crops from TJ’s, and I’m seriously so glad I did. I mean, my experiments with inexpensive activewear had typically yielded poor fits, stretched-out elastic, or pre-mature sagging (the worst), but I figured that if they were crap, I had only wasted ~$10…which is no big deal in the grand scheme of life and the pursuit of perfect gym style. Luckily, the crops were totally legit and I pretty much fell in love upon first wear.

I’ve picked up a handful of RBX styles since then, and have been just as (somewhat surprisingly!) satisfied with each and every purchase. RBX is dope! I find their pieces run true to size, have just the right amount of stretch, don’t go see-through (I’m looking at you, Lululemon!), and are so comfortable that I literally want to wear them every. Single. Day. And considering their price point, I probably actually could. Plus, their designs come in a bunch of different styles and colors, from classic to crazy. Ideal for fit girls who want to line their drawers with cute activewear at a totally reasonable cost. I mean really, isn’t that pretty much all of us? Seek this stuff out next time you hit Marshalls or TJ Maxx! You definitely won’t regret it.

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2 comments on “Obsessed: My Favorite Cheapie Workout Brand, RBX”

  1. I am the National Sales manager for Shoactive. We are an up and coming ladies active wear collection that out performed all others in weekly percentage sell throughs in TJMaxx and Marshals last season. Please check us out. I’d be happy to send you some things to try. Thanks

    • Im totally in love with looser rbx picketed stretch joggers… I’m a teacher/dancer and love wearing a baggier fit if it’s stylish!!

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