It’s a fact of life: sometimes, you get crappy sleep. Another fact: Lack of sleep can also make you LOOK like crap. No bueno. Beauty sleep is real. While the occasional late night may be unavoidable, looking like you had one doesn’t have to be. Here’s the official TSB guide to faking a good night’s sleep.

  • Cold spoons. I know, I know…Cold spoons are like, the oldest trick in the book. Ladies have been stashing a spoon or two in the fridge or freezer in an attempt to combat puffy eyes and dark circles since basically forever. The thing about old tricks, though, is that they generally WORK. Didn’t plan ahead? I find that any old spoon (lol) from the drawer does pretty much does the trick. Just place the back of a spoon on your eyes for a minute or two to tighten up the skin and reduce puffiness.  While colder temperatures obviously provide a bit more benefit, as long as the metal is somewhat cool, your eyes with be soothed.
  • Concealer. Extra-sleepy days call for extra concealer. It’s a fact. Concealer is bae. After you get done with your cold-spoon treatment, slather on a layer of your favorite spot treatment to look more alive. My favorite heavy-duty product–perfect for both groggy days and blemishes alike–is Hard Candy’s “Glamoflauge” concealer, which comes with both a pencil and a liquid formula and is designed to cover everything from dark circles to tattoos. It only costs $6, and is TOTALLY worth a special trip to Walmart or Walmart.com to procure.
  • Hydration. Water fixes everything. It’s kind of annoying, actually, especially if you’re like me and have to force yourself to gulp it down. Seriously though–drink some COLD water upon waking. It’s good for your skin, the temperature will wake you up, and staying hydrated will keep you alert and energized. Since you aren’t drinking when you’re sleeping, you’ll likely wake with a less than optimal level of hydration, and all health-conscious girls know that dehydration isn’t cute. Drink up!
  • Squeeze in a quick workout. When I say “quick workout”, I mean QUICK. If you’re running low on sleep, time, and/or feeling groggy, you likely don’t have time to squeeze in a casual three mile run. No worries, though, because you can get the beauty-enhancing benefits of a workout in about 60 seconds flat. Do a minute of jumping jacks, jump rope, or pound out 10 burpees if you’re feeling hardcore. The goal is to increase circulation and blood flow, which will give you a gorgeous glow and liven you right up for real.

Go ahead, fake it.



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