Get Nike on it.
Get Nike on it.

…notice that I didn’t say WORK OUT 7 days a week 😉

Challenge is the key word, here. 

So what’s the deal? If you challenge yourself to work out every day, you’ll probably end up working out five or six times a week – perfect. If you challenge yourself to work out five days a week and miss a few though, well, that probably isn’t as productive or beneficial for you. So aim for seven! Setting the intention that you’ll make the time to move your body every day just sets you up right. Struggling to fit it all in? Promise yourself that you’ll just do five minutes of exercise. That’s it! After five minutes, you can totally quit. But, after five minutes of whatever workout you’re doing, I bet that you won’t actually WANT to quit anymore! Make the time and challenge yourself. This super-simple mental manipulation is my #1 secret for squeezing in workouts 6 days a week. Try it out–it works like a charm!



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