Every now and then, I become so enamored, no, make that OBSESSED with finding a particular piece of clothing that I practically will it into existence. I am indefinitely “in search of”. Lately, the piece of clothing in question has been the ultimate sleep shirt. Like, the PERFECT sleep shirt. The kind of shirt that lends itself to both sleeping and lounging, preferably when teamed with a pair of mini-cheekies and cute slippers. And it has to meet my demands, which are as follows…


1. It can’t be too long or night-gown-y.

2. It can’t have buttons or long sleeves because that’s hella uncomfortable for actual sleeping.

3. It can’t be too sheer. I have to be able to answer the door or pop on a pair of shorts and take my dogs out while wearing it if need be.

4. It has to be cute, obviously.


After googling, hitting the mall, scrolling through Pinterest, and online shopping, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the oversized sleep shirt that dreams are made of. My dreams, anyway.

Result: These babies.

Silence + Noise Lazy Day Tee, $39 @Urban Outfitters

Via Urban Outfitters.
Via Urban Outfitters.

This aptly-named tee is basically my dream shirt personified. It’s big, it’s boxy, and it’s stylish–enough so that it’s actually meant to be worn as part of a daytime look. Long and drapey with dolman sleeves, PLUS a pocket for my phone? Sold.

Stay At Home Gypsy Tee, $32 @Buy Me Brunch

Via Buy Me Brunch.
Via Buy Me Brunch.

I love love LOVE Buy Me Brunch‘s line of sassy screen-printed shirts and tanks. Their newest shirts come in “premium triblend” and feature an oversized fit and a scoop neck–perfect for lounging. While the length doesn’t appear to be absolutely ideal for my purposes, I’ll compromise a couple of inches for graphic style.

Taylor Drapey Sweatshirt, $20.40 @Abercrombie & Fitch.

Via Abercrombie & Fitch.
Via Abercrombie & Fitch.

Consider this my official wildcard pick. Every girl knows that while sleeping in a sweatshirt seems genius, it is, in actuality, absolutely terrible. Nine times out of ten, you wake up semi-strangled in a pool of sweat, cursing the moment you accidentally fell asleep without removing your trusty pullover. This sweatshirt though! Not only is it ultra-soft, drapey, and on sale, it’s also totally blowing my mind because it’s both from Abercrombie & Fitch AND something that I would actually wear. I would wear the sh!t out of this around the house.

Silence + Noise Around We Go Top, $39 @Urban Outfitters

Via Urban Outfitters.
Via Urban Outfitters‘.

Silence + Noise does it again with this swingy, slightly-sheer, oversized gem. I love the slight high-low hemline and wide neckline–perfect combination of comfy and cute.

The key to finding the perfect sleep shirt? Don’t limit yourself to sleepwear. Time to give my debit card a workout.



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